I Played the Final Build of Elden Ring

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00:00 The Nature of Spoilers
02:13 Stonesward Keys
03:05 UI Updates
03:18 Kale’s Shop
03:41 Dragon Communion
04:05 Stormfoot Catacombs
04:30 Groveside Cavern
05:11 Gateside Ruins
06:09 Tailoring Tools
06:45 Eastern Limgrave
07:19 Post-Town Remains
07:37 Roaming Carriage
07:50 Southern Limgrave
08:30 Remembrance Duplication
09:10 Medallions
10:24 Smithing Stone Shards
11:18 Evergaol
12:08 Scavenger’s Shack
12:15 Spirit Summons
13:28 Erdtree Buff
14:02 Stormveil Shortcut
14:30 Stormveil Castle
14:55 Roundtable Hold
15:25 Painted Worlds
16:15 Where Have I Been?

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  1. I'm sitting here 8 minutes after embargo has lifted, still wondering if I should publish this video! It doesn't seem like I'm spoiling much in the context of places and things that I've seen, but it might still be too much. Unlike the Network Test, which had clear boundaries and was eventually open to a lot of people, this event is not easy to talk about.

    If you're having any doubts, definitely go dark until release. If you don't mind knowing about new mechanics, and if you don't mind knowing about which items/things have changed places in the Network Test version, then watch on.

  2. Is there gonna be anymore katanas other than the dragon scale blade? I’m going into a dex/Int build but I’d love to go dual katanas

  3. I feel that Elden Ring will be both the easiest and hardest Souls like game so far. Not cause of difficulty. In terms of making things easier, just that it gives you more ways and tools to get the job done. But dials up the challenge abit more to balance things out. I feel that the Original games were too challenging for me cause of their linear nature and more based on pure skill etc. While this game, is basically the first of the series to branch out and try and welcome many other types of players new to the franchise but in a more accessible way than many games before did. Ive never pre ordered a souls game before. But im taking a chance with Elden Ring. This game has turned someone like me, who absolutely HATED souls games, into someone who is willing to finally give it a shot.

  4. This game looks beautiful, and I love the souls games but I’m worried this game will be one of those open worlds that’s just a whole lotta nothing and just empty filler space.

  5. If i did not like the remake of Dark Souls on PS5 because it was too difficult and too complicated because of all the magic, spells, all the inventory stuff, etc, will i not like this either? Is this game pretty difficult to play also?

  6. Well if you dont want to spoil it. Dont post a ducking video about it. And yes i only chlicked on this vid to comment that.

  7. Anyone else remember when riding a horse was a big thing? Now I’m pretty much done with it, anything but riding another horse pls

  8. I feel like Limgrave might mean a joke kingdom if it is the part of the kingdom of Godrick, since he is contested for the crown by others because he is unworthy. A limerick is a form of verse, usually humorous and frequently rude, also since it’s where you begin as a tarnished that people think the tarnished are a joke since people in Elden Ring think less of them and since Godrick loves/hates you since you begin is his kingdom.

  9. Thanks for walking the line. If you're worried about other content creators getting the views…. I think many people like me, don't want spoilers! I'm not watching any other videos until I've played it.

  10. First of all you put yourself in your great position with your talent and passion. Secondly, you have no competition, there is only one Vaati and as far as im considered, From Software is lucky to have your passion and talent for them.

  11. You're my favorite souls streamer vaati. I recommend you to all new souls players. Looking forward to elden ring content. Cheers.

  12. I don't play these games but I just love watching your well crafted videos. Your voice and accent is just perfect and so calming. I can't wait to see the rich lore content you'll make around this game.

  13. There are no competitors, there are just imitators. This company waits for YOUR feedback. Now that's mad respect

  14. Looks garbage. I'm sure the neckbeard 30 year olds who still play dungeons and dragons in their mom's basement will love this shit though 🙂

  15. Vaati you are the david Attenborough of soulsbourne. Keep making vids and ill keep watching. Can't wait for your character videos for elden ring.

  16. Just think if George r Martin and Miyazaki would work together and make a Game of Thrones game. I would think that Fromsoftware would continue with this type of open world games going forward and it would be awesome to see Game Of Thrones like this game.

  17. "What would you do?"

    Well, my good sir, Lenny's mom clearly.

    All jokes aside: I'm very excited to have pre-ordered this game's Digital Deluxe edition and I can't wait to use the flail for the entire game since that's the one weapon I've been waiting for in a souls game since I first played. That and an Eveningstar.

  18. Got a random question for any authentic fellow Chud who see this comment. Did anyone during the PC tests play the game with an ancient Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67 ghz? It is well below the minimum however, this old school BEAST of a computer has never once been bested. Witcher 3? Squad? DS3? Smashes them all with its friend the GTX 970 (Mid settings of course, I'm not that crazy) … But I fear Elden Ring may best me. I had a very close battle with Diablo 2 Resurrected of all games, only because at launch some Blizz dummy made Advanced Vector Extension technology required. That is the 920's kryptonite. However, many personal threats to the D2R team made them come to their senses and I now slay that game too. The 920 Core i7 is 1st gen 2008 lololol get gud, I will never upgrade the Alienware Area 51 X58 Predator; The case looks like a big ol Alien Head dude

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