I HAVE THE POWER! – Power To The People – 01 – Power To The People gameplay

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE gameplay: In Power To The People, we’ll challenge ourselves to provide electricity to constantly growing cities and demands.
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Build and maintain a power grid for a constantly growing population, while fighting off all kinds of disasters in this thrilling resource management experience. It’s time for you to give “Power to the People”! Do you have what it takes to keep the lights on?

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  1. This is interesting. It's like a focused management game that sorta plays like a rogue-lite in that you have shorter levels to conquer in the campaign and move on to the progressively more complicated new cities. What do you think? Leave me your thoughts below!

  2. That's a lot of waffle before starting to actually play. Most of it makes little sense before seeing gameplay.

  3. The green areas that allow you to place a power plant do not give any clue as to where a city will later be built. Different types of power plants will need to be placed in different locations. Most fossil fuel plants will need to be placed close to water, like the one you placed. Photovoltaic plants will need plenty of light, and wind mills will need to be up high.

  4. It's only letting you place the power plants in certain spots, because it has to be close to a water source for cooling and steam generation. You can see the info box there at 10:08.

    Cities could spawn at those spots but not likely around where the little 1×1 water supply is.

  5. As an engineer on a garbage disposal plant in Denmark, running 3 boilers with 2 turbines as a living; I can tell you this game is fairly close to the real deal 😀

  6. This game proves the value of redundancy, one thing a skilled player may consider is setting up two separate main lines to bypass any malfunctions.

  7. Still odd to see half a pause button (Strategic Mode) , which I understand was dragged out of the developers kicking and screaming. I'm not sure how I feel about the Influence Points system… I agree with the hesitant tone in your voice when you were describing it.

  8. You seem like you are close to the 50 day mark which was the goal, I think. Maybe another 10 days but I lost track. The months do not seem to be made up of 30 days so it is a bit confusing.

  9. The green zone is because it has to be near water I belive. Altho I'm not 100% sure since iv never played it.

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