How Tomes of Magic Will Change Your Life Forever | Tutorial | Age of Wonders 4

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The 3rd tutorial video from @PotatoMcWhiskey shows you how to weild powerful magic via tomes that you will choose in Age of Wonders 4. As your faction progresses you will unlock powerful new magics, transformations, and spells that will change how you fight, how you build, and even the world itself!

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Explore new magical realms in Age of Wonders’ signature blend of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical combat. Control a faction that grows and changes as you expand your empire with each turn.

Age of Wonders 4 will be released on May 2nd. Stay tuned for more content!

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  1. You should create a playlist with all the Tutorials video in the good order so it's easier for people to find and watch them !

  2. After watching this video I will not be able to sleep till the game gets fully released. i havent been this excited in a while for a game

  3. I had to check to make sure I was not playing the video at 2X speed. Potato didn't breathe during the entire video.

  4. "endless combinations" is quite a turn off to say… I miss the RPG elements from Planetfall like unit modules. Not sure this Tome system is as good.

  5. For as much as I love HoMM3 (still the GOAT of this genre), it's a series that has been very inconsistent. The AoW series, however, has been solid from the first game onwards, and this one looks to be continuing that tradition.

  6. Is there a limit to the number of tomes you can pick up during a game? I have heard, but not confirmed, that you can only have 9. In the custom build that was listed in the video, it seemed to support that (2 T1 + 2 T2 + 2 T3 + 2 T4 + 1 T5). I have also heard, but not confirmed that you can only have 1 T5 tome, which makes sense if you can only have 9 tomes total. I assume that you can take more than 2 T1 tomes, but doing so would prevent you from getting a T5 tome. Anyway, just trying to verify how many tomes can be picked up during a game. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the video, really hype!
    There seems to be stuttering at certain points in the video. Is the game well optimized?

  8. I don't know about mix matching.
    It seems like going for a mono-affinity build makes it stronger.

    I may be wrong of course.

    But why should I unlock the souls tomes and then not going for better tier undeads?
    Or the opposite: why should I unlock the souls tome, if I can get higher tier undead later regardless?

    Maybe I just misunderstood how tomes/affinities work.

  9. what i am wondering (and probably missed in the video) is there a limited how many tomes you can have or can you get all the tomes if you play one session really really really long?

  10. 1:27 We see a list of units for production.
    I am disappointed with the production concept: gold and production time are important factors for choosing a production in a turn-based strategy game.
    But if I can only build one unit per turn per city, I should always take the highest level, because a higher level beats the low ones.
    It would be different if the concept from Endless Legend was used, where several units can be built per turn. Three L1s or one L3 is a choice, one L1 or one L3 is not.

    Why is the game using the concept of Empire (1977) and not a modern concept of Endless Legend (2014)?

  11. Gems seems be awsome with all update i see. I rly hope for this tittle. Is there any wiki with races, spells and units to browse?

  12. I was wondering about spell book tier progression. This video answered most of my questions. As ever, thank you for the tutorial.

  13. AoW and Age of Empires were two of my first ever PC games. I am so glad that the series is still going on. I was honestly a little apprehensive when Paradox bought out Triumph but it looks like enough agency has been left for what is sure to be a great continuation of my favorite 4X franchise.

  14. For those wondering. Potato misclicks a lot. Pretty sure its often enough that Morbus actually edits out about half of them from the civ videos.

  15. I dont know if you guys will read this but lets try anyway.
    So did I miss info about the underground map or has there not been a video yet? I am referring to underground factions. Are there 2 maps both the overworld and under? Does a faction that lives underground also show up on the overworld? Or only if they move units above? How does one destroy a faction that is hiding undergrond as an overworld faction? etc. I would love some more info on this.

    Also I saw that horse colors were different mounts, can we have it so that there is simply a color slider on mount options? It makes it easier and leaves more space for actual different mounts. With that being said since there will likely be new races later on, what about treekin/treeants and trolls?

  16. Have the devs confirmed who the "mascot" lady is? The green/wood motif makes me think "Corrupted Druid Julia".

  17. Glad I spent the 90 bucks. Im gonna get lost in this game. Now in the meantime, off to a new campaign of AoW3!!!!!!!!!!!

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