How To Start With Assetto Corsa Competizione in 2022

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Would you like to start racing in ACC but you dont know how or where?
Need some little tips along the way? Well you are in right place 🙂

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How To Start With Assetto Corsa Competizione in 2022


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  1. I just started in ACC last week. But unfortunately, I cannot get my g920 brakes to function properly. They work perfectly fine in iRacing. I have calibrated them in ACC (to the best of my knowledge) but when I try to slow/stop the car I must push so hard it feels like I am going to bend or break the pedal. I really don't know what to do next. Should the amount of force needed to stop the cars in ACC be much more than is needed in iRacing? I find the user interface very confusing for the most part so I don't know if I'm using it correctly or not.

  2. Dude, you look legitimately happy while recording. A diamond in the rough on YT in my experience. I'm planning on getting this so my dad can play it in VR with my new wheel/pedal setup and your whole attitude towards ACC has almost made up my mind.

  3. How about price? What included with the game, and what do you have to buy? I tried iracing and that is an expensive game.

  4. Been playing WRC for the last few years , wanting to get stuck into this sort of racing ,. thanks for all the info Jardier.

  5. I've just started with sim racing. Bought GT sport on PS5. Played with controller. Ok but not great. Bought ACC because of the PS5 upgrade. Can't play it with controller. So looked at reviews for a wheel. Decided on T300. Also bought AC, ACC, Automobalista 2 and Project cars 2 on PC. Tried the wheel after setting it up on PC. Wow blown away with how good these games are with a wheel compared to controller.

  6. you seem so nice, and this was super helpful. I feel like im missing a manual guide with ACC, took me forever to figure out a pit stop on my own, and im still terrible at them

  7. Is there a list of steering locks that also includes the new cars? or how can i find out the right steering lock for every car? Cause 800/800 doesn‘t work for me. :/

  8. Hey i want to play this game online but it is saying that i'm disconnected but i don't now how to fix it so i can play online. Does somebody now what i need to do?

  9. I wish the Sim Grid dailies actually had a population. I even raced against you(and got dusted haha). Its been dead for weeks. Where's everyone at? lol

  10. With the update 1.8 i cant play anymore, i lost 20/15 FPS, i try to play but its imposible to play at 40fps with a 1050ti, and i dont know what to do… Before the update i was playing at HIGH with 60fps.

  11. Another tip is not worry about car choice too much. I've spent way too much time in free practice singleplayer trying out all the different cars on different tracks and in hindsight I wish I spent less time trying to find the perfect main car and more time spent racing. So try them all, but pick your main car sooner rather than later and then stick with it. Not that you can't use other cars after that but that's what most people recommend because it allows you to really get to learn the car and the physics.

    Also, go to free practice, pick your car and any track, drive 3 – 4 clean laps, hit escape and go back to the garage as you go over the line, adjust for tyre pressures, then drive 3 – 4 laps again and see if the pressures are alright. If so, save the setup with the temperatures in the filename. Then do this for every track. It's a bit of work but you'll get the correct tyre pressures quicker in MP because you only need to adjust for temperature. One click up or down for every ambient degree colder or hotter is what people usually recommend.

    First two or three laps in an MP race: go ahead and use 3 to 4 clicks higher TC, then go back down when the tyres are up to temperature. You won't lose significant time / position because the cars are still close together anyway. A lot of people spin out on cold tyres on the first lap and this will help prevent that. Maybe when you get more experience you won't have to do that but if you're just starting out give it a go.

    Oh, and when following a car close behind, don't forget to brake a bit earlier. 🙂 Aris (one of the devs) did a stream on this that you can watch called 'How to Race'.

  12. Great vid as always Jardier. In regards to the 800-800 steering lock setting, do you know if this hack works on console as well? Long time GT player, looking to get into more realistic sims

  13. Hey m8 thx for the tips! Im driving the m4 and change to 565(base)/565(ingame steering lock) and it feels way better. U do same if u drive m4? And which damper ffb do u prefer for m4 (0, 15 or 40%)? Thx in advice✌

  14. I've been told to use steering lock 1080 all the time in acc, never changes, yet in this video, 480 is the steering lock. Can you please advise which setting should I use?

  15. Just got ACC having just got my first gaming PC. Super excited and really pleased you made this video!
    Was a Xbox Fanatec before and the jump has been worth it

  16. This video helped me so much thank you jardier! Just got my first wheel so made it really easy to jump straight in and get up to speed. Hopefully you can do some setup videos in the future without giving to much away of course 😉

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