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  1. It works and it’s lowercase and if you do all your base are belong to us explodes the solar system

  2. Theres a new achievement The sun has left the system the only need to use, is solar system, drag the sun and MOVE until it explode

  3. I will tell you how we can unlock no atmosphere in venus 1. First click on the planet smash then go to venus and click all sliders are full then shoot a blue rocket I will convert into no atmosphere venus then reset the planet It will be in your Venus planet and also get a achievement.

  4. Omg guys! Zero Wing still works!


    1. Go to System Smash, and go to Solar System, NOT EMPTY SYSTEM!

    2. Find and click on earth…

    3. Rename earth: allyourbasearebelongtous !!!EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!! NO CAPITALS,

    4. Press enter! DON'T CLICK AWAY!

    5. Watch as you get the achievement Zero Wing, when the System explodes…

    For further info watch this:

    And everyone! Stop spamming allyourbasearebelongtous in my comments, it's annoying!

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