HOUSE Sequel DLC – Melodies Story (HOUSE V1.5 Playthrough GOOD ENDING)

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House just recieved a massive DLC sequel update called Melodies, where we play as Tabby’s sister Melody and must find a way to escape the demonic house once and for all. Will we succeed?

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  1. I am still not going to be taking any of this gameplay at face value but will instead contemplate about the actual, metaphorical meaning behind the events. I like the idea of this being a very grim metaphor for familial trauma. I think that this is the perfect way to satisfy both fans of the paranormal and realists – we have ghosts and strange visuals for supernatural fans, while the story grounded in reality is for those who appreciate realism.

  2. The first time he cut the mother with the scissors ✂️ he didn’t exactly slip more like the mother turn and kick melody for cutting her legs with the scissors ✂️ causing melody to fall forward and die

  3. I like house, it’s a very basic thing, trial and error over and over again until you get what you want, while it being horrific and gory.
    I hope more games are like this.

  4. I kno the hair color is different but the first character always reminded me of Number 3 from Kids Next Door

  5. Never thought I'd see this game again but I'm very glad I did. I love that we got a chance to save Melody and I really hope we can do that for the rest of the family

  6. The only woman and chubby's romans actually sabi but older six pointed because he said you're finally awake we can play now that sounds like to be so that's chrome saan sa taas is vanoss old

  7. I just noticed that bird explosion from the flute was a reference to something i think is a shrek reference

  8. What if when the person who controls them can only use the doll when the player being Tabby or Melody can’t be controlled

  9. I alrwady get the story so thie time loop was broken in the true ending so when it was broken she was swnt into the alternate alternate timeline and left the origanal timline so tabby left that timline and when the house was destroyed in that alternate timline and melody fell aslep and in original and the father killed everyone and they became the monsters and melody kept being haunted by her true self in her dreams

  10. Maybe the scissor girl was another sibling of Taby and Melody, but got sliced up in a scissor accident…

  11. My idea for a concept idea in poppy playtime is 100% my oc Cherry the chicken, she has a cheerful smile on at all times along with a brown fur colour, blue eyes and red maine.

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