Horizon Forbidden West Review After 50 Hours SPOILER FREE (Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay PS5)

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Horizon Forbidden West review spoiler free with horizon forbidden west gameplay ps5)
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  1. I remember watching your videos for the first horizon and here I am again watching for the new one. Love your videos on these games 👍

  2. Actually the facial animation already start to improve during frozen wild, guess they developed it from that point.

  3. Game is a 10/10. No doubt. The Zenith concept was weird but they worked it well I think. Can't wait for the next one already!

  4. She actually says ‘I ran into some trouble on the way and lost a lot of my gear.’ So it is explained! I’m assuming she lost them in a fight!

  5. 3 days into "H:FW".
    As for the technical review I totally agree though would say that the mechanics are little convoluted even more so with the in-game-board-game.
    However, the one point were I disagree is the character development. Gorilla completely screwed that up.
    Within 6 months Aloy changed from a compassionate-caring-village-girl into a self-obsessed-overego-bitch.
    Where had been compassion is now arrogance!
    Where had been style is now gansta-rappa-ghetto-babble!
    In every encounter Aloy looks down on people, patronizes them and even lies to them. And as for the story … well. Focusing on the side-functions of Gaia started with "Frozen Wilds" and was a logic decision. Gorilla followed that path with the addition of …. well ….what …. super-humans from outer space? Not sure if I like that so much.

    And why the hell is nobody talking about those absolutely annoying lens flares that pollute the screen once you encounter machines?
    It's the JJ Abrams lens-flar-nightmare.

  6. Game needs plenty of patching. Don't buy the game yet!! Massive texture poppins, missing environments and textures and yes this is on ps5!! Even a bug were the game sticks to 20fps unless you restart the game.

  7. I bought it. I just haven't started really playing. I found a machine with arrows in it at the beginning of the game but my buddy was stuck swimming in a locked position so the cutscene wouldn't load suggesting Aloy to collect wood to make arrows. So I encountered my 1st bug!

  8. So… has the spear become way less powerful or why do you suddenly need multiple hits to finish a human enemy? They don’t even look that armoured

  9. This game could of legit been a dlc for the first game iv been playing it and it feels like the same game they changed very little added a few gimmicks don’t feel it’s worth 70 dollars at all

  10. AAnd 5 years later, here we go again with Aloy and her adventures ^_^ your HZD videos was my favorite ones at the time!

  11. Just started playing zero dawn on PC and wow this game is awesome. I hope there will b a PC port of forbidden west soon cause I don't have a PS

  12. Did they update the Override mechanic with more features? Do you have a lot more mounts? (I want to ride the crocodile!) Can overridden machines follow you now?

  13. Great. There’s a character here, who despite completing everything in his quest line, and the trophy banner appearing, I never actually got the accompanying trophy, and it’s the reason why I still don’t have my first platinum.
    Now, I have something in this game to constantly remind me of the one way the last one sucked.

  14. Zero dawn is when I first discovered you and forbidden west reminds me so much of those good times thank you for many years of great content

  15. I put about 10 hours into Zero Dawn and idk, it just never really grabbed me so i never finished it. But this one looks a LOT better!! Once I've fully mastered Sifu I might have to give this one a run 👍🏾

  16. first place i came for the review basically because i believe your opinion matters especially when it comes to Horizon Zero Dawn titles! thank you

  17. It feels befitting watching this review for Forbidden West, after watching your original guides for Zero Dawn. I'm looking forward to the guides you create for the sequel.

  18. Hey man, thanks for the video! Sooo stoked to play this game! Just super bummed that I'll have to wait a while as I only play on PC. :'( Hopefully by then they've patched some of the minor flaws in the game, and it'll achieve all it set out to!

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