Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay and Impressions ( Insane 4K Graphics )

YouTube video

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay 4K. These graphics can’t be real, right? Checking out the first couple hours of the game, thanks to PlayStation for the code. Leave a LIKE and a comment. Join as a member for Discord access –


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  1. Play in performance 1800p better than -1440 and it up scaled excellently to 4k barley drops to 1800p and you can barley tell the difference you will thank me later lad

  2. Been playing this a ton since last Friday. My only gripe so far is I don't have a PS5 to get the full graphical experience. But it still looks good on a PS4.

  3. I need to borrow my bro's ps5 to play this. Already played the first one i bought on steam. Didn't know this is playstation exclusive game. I guess this one will be on pc in 2 years ?

  4. They have come a long way since Killzone. Hopefully Guerrilla Games x Bungie can collaborate on a new Killzone.

  5. Dang wish it would come to pc sooner, i would get a ps5 if could find one at retail price and not these scalper bastard prices.

  6. Jack please make next video beyond the wire game i know you played in past but that game is dying its so underrated and you can make huge impact to that game please

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