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  1. Quick Swap is turned off because fans of the first would have wined that they were making the game "too easy" if it was on by default.

    Whether you change something or leave it exactly the same, people will always complain. It's to meet people halfway.

  2. This game is awesome, but the way the devs just brush past the fact Aloy has somehow lost all her talents with a bow, crafting, gathering ect, and has to learn everything all over again is the weirdest thing. A little backstory would have worked wonders.

  3. They needa add new game + lol basically the only prob i have with the game. Im sure it’ll be added eventually i hope.. but gameplay wise game is about perfect.

  4. I am a huge hzd fan and i don't want that quick swap. I am more comfortable choosing what to do and checking what i have

  5. i finished all the main missions and side an the other thing below the side missions that started with e and all the strike game board stuff but everything else seemed dul or repetitive an the arena not a fan of , i was hoping to spend 2 or 3 months on it but theres not enough enjoyable things on it which bummed me out im sad about that cant wait to they add new and more content

  6. Pretty sure you can actually fast travel to any of the bigger settlements for free from anywhere. It's just the smaller locations and campfires that require the packs

  7. Lol normal ppl try all the buttons & controls out when they first start the game usually…. You should probably start doing that. That's what the pro's do.

  8. I honestly don't see weather being a factor in this game, unless it's like BOTW where you can't start any kind of fire when it's raining. For BOTW I only ever needed to change the weather when I needed to make a campfire, or when I needed to fight something & it was thundering outside so I could actually use metal weapons without getting struck by lightning.

  9. I honestly have no clue why some ppl don't even like Gyro aiming. For me using it for the very first time in Breath of the Wild, it was an absolute GAME CHANGER & I never once looked back! It's INFINITELY easier & more accurate to aim with it. I dunno if it's just a brain thing where it somehow doesn't click w some gamers, but it just makes aiming SO much easier & more intuitive. I truly don't understand why anyone would not want to use it after trying it. Am VERY glad it's here in this game. And yes, I am what most would consider a Pro gamer. I am not quite on the level of those that can perform world record speedruns, but I can compete w them.

  10. I never finished the first one and just jumped to this one. I dont know why but i just didnt get hooked to the first game.

  11. I can't say too much without spoiling, but I'm glad a certain reveal has happened fairly early on because after the intro mission I saw the twist coming a mile away – but it's been revealed quite early, so hopefully many more surprises to come. Pretty damn obvious who sent the Hades signal in first game though but we shall see!

  12. Motion aiming general tip: use analog sticks to get the targeting reticle to the general area of what you want to shoot, then slight motions of the controller to fine tune your shot.

  13. My gripe about climbing is that she'll pause and stand on a ledge I just climbed for longer than I'd like. It's a clear flat plain in front, but it's like it's still looking for a path upward when I'm ordering pressing forward. It happens too often for my taste. It doesn't detract from the overall experience, and it's minor, but makes it feel a little less polished

  14. This game is utterly insane & engrossing, I'm having a blast. It sounds stupid, but one thing I love is a bunch of the characters pointing out how Aloy is a standoffish, prudish, officious b!tch who uses ppl then abandons them. Always hated her character.

    Like growing up she always wanted to be accepted & seen as an equal & a friend, then she becomes an adult & acts like an aloof, emotionless Karen? W/e…

    But yea, this game is jaw dropping…

  15. This, Elden ring, GoW, and ForSpoken (potentially, if done legit) are Serious goty's, but Horizon has demonstrated how a true sequel should be and earned all the praise its getting.

  16. So far ive noticed a couple bugs like stuff loading in and out at random and aloy sometimes looking up when talking to an npc like her eyeballs are looking at their hair instead of the eyes but other than that beautiful game. I put in 16hours just this weekend.

  17. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t have selected climbing annotations on prior to starting the story. It gives you the option and honestly it adds to the immersion. Makes it feel like a passive Focus ability.

  18. I pre-ordered this one since I was such a fan of the last one but I played for about an hour before I went right back to Dying Light 2. I'll get to it this week, I hope it's as good as it looks.

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