Hidden Gems: Multilingual Otome Games for Learning Japanese [on Switch/PC]

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Because multilingual Japanese otome games can be extremely valuable for learning Japanese I compiled some Switch otome games, that are available in multiple languages: English, Japanese and some of them even Chinese. Many of them are also available on PC or have demos on the eShop, so you can try them out before wasting any money!
Sadly otomate doesn’t have multilingual releases so far, but there are games by Hunex, Dogenzaka Labs or Voltage.
Starting out with voiced games, there are even more than I thought and also with extremely popular voice actors, like Tsukuyomi from Olympia Soirée or Yang from Piofiore and many more!
I hope you enjoy this list and might even find a game to learn Japanese with!

00:00 Voiced games
04:29 Dogenzaka Lab smut
08:01 Voltage

Cupid Parasite: Exciting adventures
Olympia Soirée: 黄ノ明, 赤ノ暮セキノクレ

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  1. I have Nightshade and never even knew you could change the language lol It would probably be a bit too hard tho cuz history anyways

  2. Thanks for the list! There was a couple of voiced games I have not heard about, and they seem to be decent starting places 🤩🤩

  3. Look like most game in Switch
    For me I love voiced game more so i can discover the words by myself
    Most otome idol games is not my type you give the reason here XD and more i don't like to be with someone famous lool
    Thanks for the list

  4. Thank you for the list, it was very helpful! I had known only about a few games like that so it was good to find out that there are more of them. I was planning to play Ephemeral on android (it is not voiced there) but now that I know there is a voiced version it's time to change my plans 😂❤

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