Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 – Kohaku Otori DLC Boss [Hard Mode, No Damage]

YouTube video

Gunvolt Chronicles 2 on Steam:

Difficulty: Hard Mode (2/2)

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The developers added a DLC, which adds just this boss fight and an ability for beating it. That’s all.

It’s not even a good boss.


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  1. Honestly this whole game felt broken, which is a shame cuz it comes from a good series.
    But charging $8 for a single boss fight, which is laughably easy aside from her final move which feels cheap considering there's really nothing to indicate how to counter it. And all you get for beating her is a minor upgrade to an already existing move.
    Can you imagine if it gave you a new move? Like, letting you rewind time a few seconds? Give it low charge and a slow cool down to prevent abuse, and you've got a solid weapon! Maybe it could be a bit op, but I payed $8 for it, it had better be good.

  2. Think this boss fight would have been more fun if the Ouroboros system was also used offensively. Like have her reverse her attacks after a certain point, giving small ques as to when she will both start and stop the reverse effects. But other than that, seems like a fun boss fight.

  3. Am i the only one who notices her attack pattern is really similar to Harpuia in MMZ2? Especially that triple blade slice.

  4. So I'm assuming you can only beat her by dealing the finishing blow while she's disarmed, other wise she'll keep rewinding time endlessly?

  5. The rewind didn't just refilled her health, it actually reverted your score back to how it was when her health is at red.
    Since you didn't take damage, I was wondering if it will also reload your state of health as well.

  6. I kinda wish Kohaku Otori had a little more in her attacks to at least make it a bit more challenging/interesting.

  7. This boss is embarrassingly poorly made. But the Most terrible move is 2:37. Slow, poor range, doesn't even hit when she did get the "upper hand". My god.

  8. I feel I haven't seen a good modern game boss fight in years. Half of attacks don't even hit you if you're standing still, let alone actively dodging. It's all spectacle in modern gaming and no substance.

  9. Lol I just thought what if her ulti is that rewind ability, turns out it really is that ability in her game.

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