Guide to Becoming an Economic Powerhouse | Tutorial | Age of Wonders 4

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@JumboPixel is here now to show you how to earn money, food, production, and more in Age of Wonders 4! Building a successful economy for your empire will allow you to expand and wage war with efficiency


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  1. Are there an infinite number of "legendary" levels like the champion levels in AoW3? Thanks!

  2. Herald: "Why have you not granted us, your loyal servants, infernal powers? Oh, Great Wizard?!"
    Wizard: "Grant you what? In this economy?"

  3. and what do you need population for?
    i figure, annexing sectors requires pop.
    but, is there eco management like in planetfall?

  4. I bought a new GPU just for this game! For a 4X game?? Yes! I want to see every pixel at the highest quality!

  5. Draft, that could be an interesting mechanic, first time I have personally seen it seperated out like this.

  6. Not gonna lie, this wasn't really a guide to becoming anything. You read 4 tool tips and didn't really dive deeper into the processes require to do any of it.

  7. This is wonderful. My main problem with AoW3 and it's predecessors was the lack of depth beyond combat, like economy and diplomacy. And they are focusing on those points now. I loved that they separate the Empire improvements tree from the tomes of magic, making technically two separate search trees, with different resources: knowledge and imperium. This will make AoW4 a true 4x game. (Didn't play Planetfall)

  8. Thank you all for creating this fantastic game and sharing the gameplay. The Premium Edition already pre-ordered.

  9. Does anyone know if they added like a static garrison for cities, kinda was annoying to lose cities to one unit because you didn’t wanna leave an entire army stack there

  10. I wish more devs did videos like this! Great job with all these. And I love how you use popular strategy steamers. It shows you really know your audience.

  11. I see now that jumbopixel evolved from "Strategy Content Creator" to literal "Strategy Content". Nice 😂

  12. I like the fact that paradox is using some renowned strategy influencers to deliver their content.

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