GRID Legends – Multiplayer Quick Take

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Bloodworth got a few laps in with the next racing game from Codemasters and checks in with his early thoughts so far.
Footage captured on PC at Ultra Settings.

Coming Feb 25 to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

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  1. Honestly think it's such a shame and a MASSIVE mistake to put this out around GT7. it actually looks good but it's gonna have to wait

  2. So from what i see there is no option to just turn off the in-game wheel ? Only change to a camera that is stupidly zoomed in ?

  3. I don't have the time to watch even half the EZA content I'd like to in my life, but I will always make time for Bloodworth racing game impressions!

  4. At the beginning i wished that ilovekettles becomes Blood's nemesis. At the middle of the video my wish was granted. I have Huber powers now.

  5. Calling Renault Clio European cars is so funny to me. In Europe we call them "french" and we call German cars "European" cars lol

  6. As for multiplayer, its crossplay with PS, XB and PC which is the only way their will be any kind of online community.

  7. More classes of cars with 1 or limited cars is not better than fewer classes but more cars to choose from. You really only need a handful of classes starting with GT3, Touring, Prototype and work your way down. Online lobbies rarely used those small classes for that reason, lack of choices.

  8. Bloodworth is the dude. Been watching since the early days of GT, and he's been there for all of my favorite memories of the games industry.

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