GRID LEGENDS Multiplayer Gameplay – Exclusive Early Look

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GRID Legends Multiplayer Exclusive early look on PC (Ultra Settings 4K 60fps)
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GRID Legends strikes a perfect balance of gritty, action-packed, wheel-to-wheel racing with an eclectic roster of faithfully recreated cars from the world of motorsport. In the blockbuster racer from Codemasters (F1® 2021, DIRT 5, DiRT Rally), GRID Legends offers thrilling action, incredible variety, and innovative ways to enjoy the excitement of motorsport with friends and against the world. You don’t have to be a racing veteran to enjoy GRID Legends, with optional assists for any level of experience, GRID Legends is the perfect place to jump in. Who doesn’t love a good story?
Here’s just a handful of reasons to get excited about GRID Legends:
Epic Story – Featuring award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education), GRID Legends offers an exciting story with a diverse cast of characters in a fly-on-the-wall style playable documentary
Race Anyone – GRID Legends features full cross-platform multiplayer across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with lobbies of up to 22-players
Curated Variety – Over 130 global routes featuring some iconic GRID locations and real-life circuits. Plus, the biggest roster of cars at launch for a GRID game
Unpredictable Racing – Individual AI personalities, hop-in gameplay, unexpected mid-race moments, and a wide selection of events keep things interesting time after time

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  1. Did you notice any custom settings for having 'realistic' collision damage on during a race, or is it always going to be demolition derby MP?

  2. The graphics don't look very impressive compared to Gt7 and dirt5. Although dirt 5 sucks over time. Lol. I might stick with 2019 and wait for a deep sale.

  3. Translated by Google:
    Why don't you like playing races online? It's much more fun and more with friends because you don't have to do annoying strategies that make it repetitive and boring. It's also more fun for everyone because most racing games have a steep learning curve but fair for beginning players.

  4. Best thing about this video is that tuning your car per race is back. Different tracks alongside weather conditions make this feature very important. Ghosting everyone for the first 10 seconds of the race would solve most of the pileups around T1.

  5. The first race total shows why racing games are trash, the community that plays it are children, it’s not a demolition derby you should slow into corners, you should be penalized for spinning people, until they manage to fix the children playing the game sadly it’s just gonna be another basic racing game

  6. @GameRiot the same guy, the same corner, it's very clear he can't "F'n" drive!
    I would have black flagged him on my track…

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