GRID Legends – Mazda Furai Multiplayer Gameplay (Preview Build)

YouTube video

Early preview of GRID Legends’ Multiplayer using the Mazda Furai in Okutama GP and Suzuka Circuit!

Thanks to Codemasters and EA for an early preview of GRID Legends! GRID Legends release date will be on February 25 2022.
Played with keyboard.

Drivers in this video:
Paragleiber –
Goliath –
DD –

PC Specs: Windows 10, Intel i5-11400, RTX 3080 , 32gb Ram.

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0:06 – Multiplayer lobby settings
0:34 – Okutama GP
4:52 – Suzuka Circuit

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  1. woah no way this releases next week on friday? that's awesome. After being preppt let down with Forza and dirt 5 i hope this can be as good as it looks

  2. thinking about it though the original concept burned out on the top gear test track im wondering what is being used as a reference to model the Furai it seems possible that another concept car lies dormant in a private collection or mazda's R and D facility

  3. Yo Isuckatdriving u got to try out the RAESR Tachyon Speed in Forza Horizon 5 it literally can go like 240 mph as a electric car and I wanna how it can do in multiplayer

  4. Most of the comments here are simping over this rotary…yet no one is saying how this game is just the same as 2019…strange

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