GRID Legends – First 40 Minutes Of Campaign (Preview Build)

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First 40 minutes of GRID Legends story mode campaign (Driven to Glory)
Thanks to Codemasters and EA for an early preview of GRID Legends! GRID Legends release date will be on February 25 2022.
Played with keyboard.

Windows 10, Intel i5-11400, RTX 3080 , 32gb Ram.

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0:00 – Prologue
4:16 – Chapter 1: Beginnings
10:21 – Chapter 2: Prove Yourself
14:30 – Chapter 3: New Beginnings
19:50 – Chapter 4: Induction
26:48 – Chapter 5: Into The Fray
33:54 – Chapter 6: Elbows Out

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  1. I like the story idea, whether or not this game executes it to perfection. I am dying for a racing game to have color commentary like all other sports game, I'm no developer but the technology seems like it is there

  2. That bit in the game when he says "My father had a saying it's the farmer that makes the dish" …my father had a saying as well "a blue nose smells of piss" both very true

  3. 1:56 white car driver closes too soon. rear tire of white car still in the teritory of front tire of black car.
    they make black car dude seem like a douchebag, but he actually went all the way to the inside to the point his outer weels were on the inside curb.

  4. Looking forward to this, the one big thing for me is a mix of realism but also audio, with a 16 channel Atmos setup a game like Horizon 5 just hits all the right spots. This seems to have some excellent in car audio hopefully the gameplay matches up.

  5. First I really hope they got rid od that stupid ass physics model from the last game (that was an utter disaster) and second, the live action sequences are cringe as fuck.

  6. The most boring racing game I ever played by no doubt is dirt 5… And it looks like this game is just as boring.. shame

  7. Oh god, whoever wrote Yume Tanaka needs a reality check.
    That's so cringe, I'd rather lock myself into a room where I get blasted by TikTok Videos 24/7

  8. I'm actually looking forward to Driven to Glory. There hasn't been a game with an interesting story in a while (last one for me was Need for Speed Heat).

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