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💥 A blockbuster story mode in Driven to Glory
🌍 Iconic global streets and circuits including London, Moscow, Dubai, and Bathurst
🌐 22-player hop-in cross-platform multiplayer included throughout 250+ Career events
🔄 The return of Drift and Elimination
🧱 Over a million dream racing match-ups with Race Creator

#GRIDLegends – for the racing thrill-seekers.

GRID Legends launches February 25 on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Origin. Pre-order to receive exclusive add-ons, including extra cars. The Deluxe Edition of GRID Legends also launches on February 25, including even more bonus content and four huge post-launch expansions.

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  1. I just bought EA play to save a dollar on grid legends deluxe. So hopefully we get more tracks with dlc (4 dlc packs should be more than 4 tracks) More real tracks,or more road courses. With 3 types of stock cars, definitely more ovals (Daytona 👌or fictional tracks. A verity of super speedways, short and intermediate. Why not take existing tracks and scale them different to avoid licensing???)also what about the Pontiac Fiero Imsa car???

  2. So Nathan McKane is a real person? Nice!
    I am SO happy to see Yokohama and the drift mode back! Seeing the Zonda Revolucion back too is awesome. I must download all this when I get a PS5 because I don't have enough space for all the game data on my PS4 🙁

  3. Hardly excited at all after all the atrocities since the original GRID (excluding). Nothing in this trailer seems groundbreaking from the 2019 release, and hell that was a boring game.. You'd better get this out before GT7 does, and probably go on sale after that for good. Might consider.

  4. last grid i played was grid 2 so i bet this is a good moment to come back, especially that it has an actual story mode and made it to the best platform (origin) 😄

  5. Grid is one of my favourite racing games on Stadia. I'm shouting into the void, I know, but a Stadia release would make me and many others very happy.

  6. Happy to see stadium super trucks being in the game. For those wondering, yes, those ramps are a part of the race in real life too, and yes, the race is crazy fun to watch.

  7. If Touring and Muscle cars any class are getting pit stops,my dream has come true!Please make it happen. Love you Codemasters. Love GRID! And please make replays better

  8. I really hope Codemasters add the possibility to move the seating position and change the FOV with greater values so you can match the cockpit of the car with your simracing rig. Also support for triple monitors would be awesome, but I might be asking for too much here. I am happy with seat adjustments like in Dirt 2.0. Also telemetry data to SimHub and similar programs is a must for me.

  9. I'd like to see a new Autosport title soon too please Codemasters. Something with a bit more substance, to compete with GT7 and Forza MS

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