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  1. I don't give a F about GT7, this is great in my opinion. Gonna get this as soon as it's on sale.

  2. Played the Xbox trial, was actually awesome, the random crashes and the feeling of a low tyre slowly getting worse as you hear it build up to a blowout! Was holding off for GT7 but definitely buying this as an itch scratch till GT7 releases.

  3. All these PS5 racing games (ACC and GRID legacy) releasing right before Gran Turismo 7. Riding the racing game vibe I guess.

  4. Anyone else getting Konami vibes with EA's marketing strategy for this? It's like Enthusia and GT4 all over again.

    That said, hopefully Legends will do well enough. The Codies deserve a break.

  5. We need developers for open world car series games on PlayStation not these restricted arcade stuff,waiting on nacon gaming for test drive solar crown .nevertheless I prefer Gt over any other simulator

  6. Too arcade. Missed the balance. I liked 2019 due to the camera shakes making it more lively. Bt didn't like the asphalt8 mindset of ai when just want to hit the s out of my peace loving a

  7. Yet again another ps5 driving title with no psvr support… When are we going see a driving game on playstation 5 with vr.. 👎

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