GRID Legends (Drive to Glory) Early Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Story Mode)

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Taking a look at the brand new Story Mode for GRID Legends called Drive to Glory Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – PC 4K 60fps Ultra Settings
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What is GRID Legends?

GRID Legends strikes a perfect balance of gritty, action-packed, wheel-to-wheel racing with an eclectic roster of faithfully recreated cars from the world of motorsport. In the blockbuster racer from Codemasters (F1® 2021, DIRT 5, DiRT Rally), GRID Legends offers thrilling action, incredible variety, and innovative ways to enjoy the excitement of motorsport with friends and against the world. You don’t have to be a racing veteran to enjoy GRID Legends, with optional assists for any level of experience, GRID Legends is the perfect place to jump in. Who doesn’t love a good story?
Here’s just a handful of reasons to get excited about GRID Legends:
Epic Story – Featuring award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education), GRID Legends offers an exciting story with a diverse cast of characters in a fly-on-the-wall style playable documentary
Race Anyone – GRID Legends features full cross-platform multiplayer across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with lobbies of up to 22-players
Curated Variety – Over 130 global routes featuring some iconic GRID locations and real-life circuits. Plus, the biggest roster of cars at launch for a GRID game
Unpredictable Racing – Individual AI personalities, hop-in gameplay, unexpected mid-race moments, and a wide selection of events keep things interesting time after time
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  1. This game has everything to go right, from what I've seen the gameplay, the background of the screen and the scenery are fast in movements, the gameplay is easy in the part of keeping the car on the track without losing control, including the easy-to-maintain curve drift the car in the curve without losing the high speed exception, it is as if the game were a simulator and at the same time an arcade, because what gives pleasure is having an arcade-style game, that gameplay that gives you pleasure to play in not being difficult while maintaining high screen speed. Summarizing from what I observed in this gameplay, it follows a NEED FOR SPEED (RIVALS) style in the style of a ferrari f12 car.
    And speaking of NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS, this game is from 2013, apart from the bugs it's the best cat and mouse game, if electronic arts is smart and creates a NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS style game, with the same gameplay, it won't be for anyone, it will be the newest competitor in the arcade-style racing game market.
    Understand one thing GRAN TURISMO can be beautiful in the graphics, but its gameplay of keeping the car on the track in a curve with a half-slow screen is shit, garbage, it doesn't even have drift and if it has it's very bad to keep the car skidding hitting walls a lot. That's why I play NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS to this day, but this time I'm going to give this GRID LEGENDS release a vote of confidence.

  2. Just as shite as the last one… Same crap. Different Polish… Cant throw fancy netflix actors at a game and think its good.. Same game.. Games the exact same… And im a codies fan.. Since roca! Day one.. Im 37… 4k videos doesn't mean a game is any different to play and it isn't… EA… Your dead…..

  3. 13 mins in and im still waiting for you to tell us how the cars handle… Thats why most of us tuned in. Your thoughts on the handling?

  4. I have to say, this remind me of that ridge racer game that has ace combat feels :O but this one nailed it better

  5. I am genuinely so excited for this. I love Grid 2019, but it felt kind of lean on content. I loved Grid on the PS3. The crew builder felt great. The livery editor was good. This looks closer to that. Loving the cutscenes too. Live action was a ballsy move. A lot of games can't pull it off.

  6. Wish you tried to make your passes clean instead of just barreling into other drivers. The fact you didn't even realize you slammed into Yumi is crazy. The game looks like every other grid past GRID 2 unfortunately, I'm not against the story but I'm on the fence on live action cutscenes.

  7. I hope they fixed the Is staring. The car handling was Brutal in past games. The only reason that kept me from getting into those games.

  8. I watched you play grid 2019 before release now I'm watching you play grid legends and you still don't have skills you should be driving with manual by now I'm thinking your not a true fan of grid your just here for the hype then your out.

  9. Just what I thought was missing from a racing game: sub-par soap-opera acting! Brilliant! Also, a team radio that is having actual conversations about other stuff just as you begin a race! Amazing! The Nemesis system is a good enough idea, so just lean into that and fantastic AI and more detailed damage physics model..or not. Will wait for it to appear on Game Pass.

  10. The AI is way too slow
    And the nemesis system in the 2nd race was stupid. He just tried to ram you in stead of real racing and defending

  11. Yes, yes theres some issue, looks 2019-ish grphics, not properly animated or in some cases not even trying..but remember this in EA.. yah…ok…

  12. I really wanted to like this game, but it’s just like everything else these days. Holds your hand, it’s just boring. Where’s the progression in games these days.

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