GRID Legends Betters Gran Turismo 7 in A Few Ways…

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GRID Legends and GT7 are releasing pretty close together, I’m HYPED for BOTH! But there’s a few advantages GRID has over GT7… crossplay is a pretty huge one! What else??
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  1. drifting looks so bad…its like the car either doesn't have enough power or have the traction control ON…..drifting in GRID 1 was the most fun and way more realistic despite being extremely arcady

  2. "….grid legend is better than *insert other racing game here*"

    presented by…EA CREATOR NETWORK

    lol of course😂😂 cant say anything BAD about this game, otherwise…😆😂😥

  3. lol. comparing two different games. gt 7 is better because of the trail mountain pass. also, you need actual good driving skills for gran turismo cus one mistake could put you from 1st to last..

  4. No customisation, gotta be a point for GT. No penalties of any kind for ramming people off the track, again, point for GT because rammers are the worst. Arcade racing, clearing a better game, but GT is more sim and more serious. Hard to compare them even if they are both racing games.

  5. This looks like come sim cade game that i will buy on ps store for 10 bucks and then stop playing after 1 hour.

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