GREEN HELL VR on QUEST! – How not to survive

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Green Hell VR is now available on Meta Quest! This is a brutal survival game set deep within the Amazon Rainforest. There’s …


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  1. There was a cut in the video and I am trying to find how to get to that tribe Village I need a lot of help

  2. So you get to just cure stingray Venom like it's no big deal, meanwhile the crocodile hunter gets hit once and goes down. Unrealistic, buff the crocodile hunter, bring him back as earth dlc with the needed buffs

  3. It looks very stuttery to be honest. i've watched multiple people play this and they even said they got motion sickness when the fps drops alot. Is the performance better when not recording?

  4. Cool video, and Top man for not showing any spoilers whilst still giving a taste for the game👍🏽I’ve just started playing and haven’t got far so it was appreciated that you kept the story line hidden!!

  5. Thanks for covering Green Hell VR! I think I''ve seen worse attempts at surviving in the jungle, so you are still in the clear 😀 We will be working on improving the game constantly and I hope we see each other soon back in Hell 😀

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