Getting Started with Miao Ying | Total War Warhammer III Miao Ying Let's Play E01

YouTube video

00:00 Intro
00:22 New Campaign Cinematics
03:51 Miao Ying Faction Overview & Campaign Settings
10:34 The Spirit of the Bear Cinematics
12:58 Miao Ying Campaign Fly Over
14:58 Turn 1
36:59 Open Field Battle vs Rebel Lords of Nan-Yang
46:23 Turn 1
1:00:11 Turn 2
1:02:06 Siege at the Mine of Nan Yang
1:16:28 Turn 2
1:2125 Turn 3
1:25:24 Siege at Nan-Li
1:37:33 Outro

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  1. I have all the previous games and dlc for TW Warhammer and this was a really disappointing release. Cancelled any more content for 3K and then have just released poor efforts since with this, the Rome remaster and Troy. TWW2 even without all dlc is far superior and this just feels like a mini side campaign dlc with only 3 races unless you have Ogres.

  2. There is an exploit to colonise the serpent gate on turn 2. Recruit a lord and next turn have him force march over there. Right klik on him, replace lord, turn his stance to normal and your free to colonise 😊 seen legendoftotalwar do it and thought it was preaty neat 😁

  3. I wanna get into this game but tried it out and it was so overwhelming. I’ve never played strategy games though other that StarCraft

  4. FINALLY! One of my favourite Total War YouTuber’s is playing on the new WARHAMMER game the wait was worth it

  5. I've found Iron Hail Gunners are particularly good at taking out towers. 1-2 volleys will destroy a tower easily.

  6. i played since yesterday and i must say i really like but what still bothers me why isnt there an option for blood in the base game. it will be an 3 dollar dlc again 🙁

  7. Still haven’t decided between Kislev and GC, Prince of Daemon also look cool. I think I might play Tzeench

  8. I am excited for this campaign, i read some reviews on steam and it seems like a lot of people have trouble with performance, are you expiriencing it also ?

  9. On having a mission towards a certain magical weapon why not ditch the weapon itself and instead make it a cultivating themed mission? Just seems like a waste to have nothing.

  10. personaly I kept the gunpowder building to get the crane gunners asap they are just so good at killing the demons Legendary lords

  11. Really enjoy your approach to the game, even the money pinching! Excited to see this through, hopefully you do a similar series for all the factions.

  12. That long depressed path under Nan-Li would look be less viable if there was uphill artillery firing at you on the way up.

  13. 24:45 While made up, I looked up somewhere that it was related to something called Shugendo, which is a Japanese religion made up of ascetic practices from Heian-era Japan. No idea why they're still trying to tie Japan with China in this Ming dynasty inspired reboot of the Order faction. Reminds me of the time when Kirin were a thing in old Cathay lore (yes, I know they exist in China and they're called Qilin, but they're called Kirin, the Japanese transliteration of Qilin, in the old Cathay lore).

  14. I think heroes still only go to level 40, lords on the other hand now go to level 50. I think they kept hero as is because they have less places to spend the skill points on. But anyway, loving this series of yours, has some great insights.

    EDIT: Also the timestamp for Turn 2 Gameplay, should still be turn 1.

  15. CA introduces a chinese civilisation to defend a great wall against the invaders from the north in a purely fantastic world….very original whoever wrote the plot LUL

  16. I'm glad you named your lord Zhuge Liang. If you named him Gou Tu he'd probably just hand the Serpent Gate over to Tzeentch.

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