Get All 130 Golden Walnuts FAST | Best Steps To Take

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Howdy and Hello friends!

It’s been over a year since I released my 130 Golden Walnut guide, and since then I’ve gotten pretty good at getting all 130 collected in a quick and efficient order. So efficiently in fact, that I attempted a SPEEDRUN to get them all.

This video is a breakdown of all the steps I took, walnut by walnut and the fastest run I know of out there right now. Not my PERSONAL fastest time, but pretty darn close.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!


♦All reference sheets I make are here:
♦130 Golden Walnut Guide:
♦Walnut Speedrun VOD:

Video Directory Timestamps:
0:00 Get All 130 Golden Walnuts FAST | Best Steps To Take

Gear and Setup – 0:54

All About Timing – 1:52
First three walnuts – 2:12
Mummified Frog – 2:30
6 Up North – 2:55
7 Near Volcano – 3:12

Open Up West Island – 4:06
About Mussel Beach – 4:28
2 More On Mussel Beach – 4:44
7 Walnuts Around Tide Pools – 4:48
4 at Tiger Grove – 5:31

Fixing the hut – 5:51
Getting 4 more – 6:00
Setting Up Island Farm – 6:20
Method for getting Snake Vertebrae Pt 1 – 7:14
Gem Bird Puzzle – 8:34
Golden Coconuts – 9:18
Pirate Wife’s Quest Rundown – 9:57

Fixing the Bridge – 10:30
Fossils, Fishing and Panning – 10:40
Getting 2 Snake Vertebrae – 11:30
Field Office – 12:14
4 Walnuts around Dig Site, Unlock Resort – 12:42
3 At East Island – 12:52
Volcano Time – 13:05
Unlock Trader – 13:48

5 Walnuts from Crops – 14:15
Crystal Puzzle – 14:33
Mermaid Puzzle – 15:08
Volcano Round Two – 15:40

Field Office and Bananas – 16:20
Mummified Bat – 16:52
Last Treasure Map Found – 17:15
Unlocking Walnut Room – 17:30
Pirate Cove – 18:06

Last Ones Take Some Time – 18:20
Gourmand Frog – 18:29
Last Mussel and Bananas Ready – 18:48

Rush To End Timer – 19:08

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Get All 130 Golden Walnuts FAST | Best Steps To Take

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  1. Great video! Informative, well edited, and entertaining narration. Is it true that there's actually 131 walnuts but only 130 is needed for completion? I wonder where the missing nut is 😵

  2. 15:26 It's not 2, 11, 9, 5, 7. Actually, it's 1, 10, 8, 4, and 6. You have to click on the flute block 1 time less than the actual number because every block is already set to 1! Surprisingly, no one in the comments pointed that out.

  3. I’m stuck on 129 I have all that you can find and I think I have all from fishing, harvesting, mining and the mussels! Idk where else to look. 😢

  4. I didn’t keep track of how many 😢 This is going to be frustrating to complete as I went in dark at first

  5. So glad I'm not the only one who struggled with the Simon Says puzzle!! Placing pathways as golden walnut markers is a brilliant idea. I was using a running note on my phone but I will definitely use this the next time around!

  6. I honestly tried the music crystal puzzle for an entire in game day and couldn't get it so I restarted and recorded it with my phone. I was done by 8am. Thank you SO MUCH for that idea. I was so frustrated.

  7. Hi hi! I'm just reached Ginger Island with my friends and I was wondering if it's absolutely necessary to use the counter tiles? My friends went in blind so now we have no idea how much they got from where… is it possible though to use the Parrot's Hint to tell us how much is left where?

  8. I've been looking for them all on my own for so long and I watch this video and face palm so hard! LOL thank you for the video

  9. How did you get the gem birds gems without finding them. Can you use the gems or it has to be the gems they dropped

  10. here’s me writing down all the walnuts i’m skipping in the vid in my comments so i can come back😭 love your vids i hate finding the walnuts

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