Gaming Mysteries: Pac-Man World 4 / Earthbound / Baten Kaitos 3 (CANCELLED)

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Today on Gaming Mysteries we delve into the cancelled world of Namco to talk about Pac-Man, Baten Kaitos, and Earthbound oddly enough, truly the world of felt is a mystery.

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  1. Was it a Pac-man game or a 4kids style Sonic game with a Pac-man skin made in America? The world will never know

  2. Yay Yuri, always happy to hear your voice!
    Big fan of the Ghostly Adventure games and I hope they will made a new pac-man game someday.
    BTW Bandai-Namco rules, I'm a big fan of them too : D

  3. I manually came to your channel on a whim. YouTube and the algorithm really messed with distributing your videos 😔

  4. Just turned on the bell icon because YouTube’s been sub fucking your channel. I’m actually shocked how little you appear in my feed.

  5. You know I played a game and I swear I heard a character that sounded a lot like you, did you ever VA in a game before?

  6. Welcome back Yuri! I've been watching you since the first gaming mysteries! Always go back when I need some entertainment! Perhaps you can do some redux revamped videos for your older ones? I'm sure now in this day and age you'll find plentiful information not added in the older videos and it'd be pretty sick!

  7. that first game probably evolved to become pac man and the shit adventures. that game fucking blowed and I felt scammed as a kid when I saved up for that shit. the ghost designs are literally the exact same from that trailer, and pacman looks kinda autistic, like how he did in those games lmao

  8. Only found this video due to seeing it in my late night recommendeds, despite the fact I'm Subscribed, hate to see that YouTube continues to do you dirty like that, but that felt design for Earthbound was indeed really interesting and I do think it would have been a game that it would have fit in better then say the Yoshi Island series, but alas it was not to be, also I too have no faith Mother 3 will ever be seen by the likes of us outside Japan in an officially localized format.

  9. Excellent! A new Gaming Mysteries…

    Man, I wanted a Pac Man 4… but not… with that Pac Man… I also wanted that EarthBound

  10. Hey! I was one of the many people that helped bring to light all the concepts related to Pac-Man World 4/Pac-Man World 2010 (or at least I made knowledge of its existance more widespread) so it's nice to see more people covering it 🙂

    It does make me sad when I think about it, since another world game is something I really want, and the game looked promising. I do hope that more information about it can come out so we know what exactly went on behind the scenes

  11. I'm happy that it looks like Takahashi will seemingly finally get to complete his magnum opus unless Nintendo pulls a square or namco.

  12. That cancelled Earthbound Gamecube game always struck me as weird. Not just because the game was going to be for the Gamecube but it was also released 2 years before Mother 3 for the GBA. Was this game going to be Mother 3 or a remake or something completely new? Judging by the screenshots, I guess it is supposed to be a remake but it is just a pitch so the end product can be completely different. I don't know, it always makes me wonder. Also, I would love more Pac-Man Platformers but yea, that design isn't for me… but all I can hope for is some good gameplay.

  13. These are some cancellations that really break my heart. I absolutely adore the look of the proposed Earthbound title, and hopefully one day Baten Kaitos can get some love eventually. Maybe those rumored remasters can come true

  14. Yo Yuri! This was a great video. Not sure what you did differently but your delivery and info was really on point, hope you're doing well bud 🙂

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