Full Game Completed in Know By Heart! (7 Hours)

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Childhood friends reunite after spending a long time apart, revisiting old memories and rekindling their friendship. However, something beyond their control will ruin this reunion.

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  1. 1:52:20 it’s not 60s, it’s actually late 90s or early 00s. In a small town in Russia things were like that back then. Main characters were in school in 80s USSR

  2. The game has two endings, you staying or you leaving. The epidemic is just a metaphor, and the story is about dealing with the fact that time moves on, you forget people, you get new connections. Katya becomes one of your few connections at the end of the game.

  3. I fell asleep around hour 3 as it was midnight but now I have something to watch today. Loved this game and stream. Cant wait to see the rest as soon as my headache gives me a break.

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