Front badger can't work…but what if it can (Super Auto Pets)

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Super Auto Pets on Steam:

This came from my stream on October 5th, 2022. Catch me live every weekday from 9AM-2PM here:

Super Auto Pets is a cute free autobattler (like Teamfight Tactics) that is really cute and has some strategic depth. Give it a try, you may be surprised by how much it mooves you!


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  1. so my understanding if you didn't stop playing dota you wouldn't have torn your miniscus? O.O

  2. As someone who also enjoyed DotA for years and years, hell I’d been playing since like middle school/high school, I also just quit one day years ago and never went back. It was more damaging for my mental health than any good that I got from it, but honestly it is still one of my favorite games of all time.

  3. 2 year old comes in points at the best possible play (pinnapple on iguana). Egg rolls complete oblivious to the potentional pog.

  4. His point at 32:49 is not valid at all. People call him out for plays he should have done after he wins literally all the time and at the same frequency he tells them "we won though so shut up stupid."

  5. I fully believe that NL doesn't understand that shrimping a 1hp unit is just a plain +4 attack.

  6. I love using frontline badger, it’s higher risk higher reward compared to honey badger

  7. Would be fun if we see NL playing dota for a week just to see his brain explode with all the new updates. Heck he could even go duo with grubby 🤣

  8. I love it when he doubles down on bad decisions, He spent 20 minutes on and off defending the cucumber purchase that gave 1 stat point when his okapi could have had 6 stat points, not that big of a deal to be honest but it's just hilarious banter and I'm here for it

  9. > Monkey isn't good this week
    big dawg monkey went from 6 stats a turn to 5 stats a turn, they can't keep a good man down

  10. my brain is going pogcrazy seeing him run ocapi trex and then buying food twice every turn

  11. Got a 10 win this weekly having not actually played it much, things just seemed to work. Was a full tier 1 squad for a while, ant, marmoset, iguana, cockroach and a buy/sell slot, then got 2 level up lynxes turn 5, added a dolphin, then 2 turns later 2 level up poodles, then added a monkey so had a scaling sniper team with a huge ant at the front and a decently sized monkey behind a good dolphin and lynx. The stars just aligned and worked out.

    I really enjoyed last week, but this week seems to have everything. Snipers, summons, food, good tier 1s, scalers, all it's really missing is rat/elephant for hurt pets but woodpecker can work, and I never seem to get far with those teams anyway.
    Edit: almost forgot, chocolate AND crow? Forgot how amazing they are. Chocolate is probably the single biggest game changer. It turns endless rolling every turn into endless rolling but then finding and freezing a chocolate so you can basically save that amount of rolling cost into the next round.

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