From Failure to Sim Racing Royalty: The Story of Assetto Corsa Competizione

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ACC faced a rough launch in 2018. From a protracted Early Access release, through a tough teething period in 2019, to finally taking its place as the defacto king of GT simulation – we cover its exciting saga on the road to taking the sim racing crown.

0:00 Intro
2:30 Rough & Tumble Early Days
7:53 The DLC Era
11:00 The Current Day

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  1. I just dropped almost $700 on a steering wheel and racing chair just for this next gen patch dropping. I'm not leaving my house for a month.

  2. as somewhat of a gamedev
    i cannot belive that they got entire physical model based on SINGLE RAYCAST at first iteration
    it is complete bonkers

  3. I've never played this racing game. I'm looking forward to the ps5 update on February 22. I have the physical ps4 version. So I should be good to go for the update.

  4. Just want this level of sim but with not just got cars. Hopefully. Fm8 and gt7 step up their game considerably.

  5. I try to play this sim on my ps4 with a t300 , t-lcm pedals.
    Its is very hard to feel the FFB.
    The sense of speed is not there for me so its very hard to judge grip and feel.
    I am a nascar , F1 , Indy car fan.
    I am not a huge GT3 endurance fan.
    I honestly dont know how to race like this and this may be why I can't get in to it.
    Or I feel its the lack of FFB on console.
    Please any advise ????

  6. I prefer a wider variety of cars and skipped this title thus far, I still might end up buying it on a sale. The good thing is what they learned on ACC will only make AC2 that much better. And unlike Slightly Mad (who are acting legitimately mad) Kunos will most likely deliver a worthy sequel, and will fix it if it isn't.

  7. Did they fix the horrible stuttering it used to have when there were multiple cars on track? Cause that's why I didn't buy it after trying it on a FTP weekend.

  8. The critics are right: this is a wonderful product spoiled by the content choice. GT3 and GT4 are indeed boring like hell.

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