Friday Night Funkin' VS Bunzo Bunny (FNF vs Original Poppy Playtime Chapter 2)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bunzo Bunny FULL WEEK (FNF vs Original Poppy Playtime Chapter 2) + Huggy wuggy + Mommy Long Legs (FNF Mod)

00:00 Bunzo Bunny comparison
02:24 Mommy Long Legs comparison
05:44 Huggy Wuggy comparison

VS Bunzo Bunny & Mommy Long Legs Download:
Download Huggy Wuggy:
VS Mommy Long Legs Download:

We battle Bunzo Bunny alongside Mommy Long Legs. This is the Huggy Wuggy mod by Richilix and HippoBoi. Bunzo Bunny is a new character who appears in Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Horror Game. On one of the stage, we confront Mommy Long Legs and she has Bunzo Bunny play a musical memory game filled with shiny colors. We must hit the color drums in the same order as Bunzo Bunny. In this mod we can also face Huggy Wuggy inside of the vents and Mommy Long Legs in the same area that was shown in the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 trailer, but I already play that before so I’ll only show Bunzo Bunny. I don’t see Girlfriend/GF here, but she probably got kidnapped by Mommy Long Legs. Will Boyfriend defeat these new foes or will BF get jumpscare by them? Let’s find out.

If you have a proposal for me, a request to indicate you in the description and so on, write to this mail (do not be angry and do not hesitate. We will decide everything!): [email protected]
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