Forspoken DEMO : Where's the flow….?

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I was SO excited for this game – but a lot of my hype has been killed by this demo.
I’m HOPING that it is just due to the lack of familiarity with this new system…. but I’m not holding my breath.

Go download it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments ::



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  1. Look at The dynasty x game play…the amount of hate Content creator’s are giving this game is detestable…

  2. I will agree that this is a bad demo at explaining everything that you’ve got in your arsenal. But there’s plenty of flow. I’d be swapping styles mid combo no problem. Zipping from enemy to enemy and using the zip thing to swing to a high enemy. The thing is you need to mess around, and read through your abilities and tweak some accessibility options like the one that auto swaps the the next support spell automatically.

  3. I actually agree with you. Literally just completed the demo and was a bit… put off… I've been waiting for this game since day one! The first teaser they released was so good, I was expecting a little more (or any at this point) control over the combat and what I can use. It Literally felt like I was throwing myself into a hoard of enemies, rotating my camera left and right cuz I'd overfly the enemy or drop aside from it. The teaser looked more like FFXV flow, which does have its flaws, but the combat felt natural. The environment is sooo busy that getting lost in that damn grass was the first thing you experience 🙁 ill wait until the full game release at this point, but im not too hopeful about it

  4. Yeah legit I played the demo just now and it's so fucking mid, plus it kinda looks ass too, not a next gen game by any means

  5. 100% with your response on your flow of combat. It's super basic. Not sure what your settings were at but the graphics look terrible

  6. Totally agree with you how it sucks to have to switch spells the way it is now. Do you think they’ll change it before game comes out? Game looked really good but the enemy’s don’t stand out with the landscape, maybe make them bigger or more colorful? I am disappointed as the fighting is a big part of the game and it’s not fluid. You have to stop mid fight to change spells every time, crappy!

  7. I tried but it’s just too overwhelming to start the game where they start the demo. As you said, maybe it would work better if you started at the beginning of the game instead of this slice. I found myself lost and frustrated in combat. It’s sad because the concepts of changing cloaks, necklaces, and NAIL ART for different stat boosts and abilities is a great idea. It just lacks flow. And maybe that really is just a result of being tossed into the game at level 17.

  8. I would mostly agree how clunky & disconnected it feels. IDK if you noticed but you can switch between earth & fire spells with the left & right buttons on the D-pad. You can only equip one of each attack & support spell on each, & I agree the way you described it sounds like crisis core remaster, which would be far superior. It just reminds me of a shooter game which only allows you to have one side arm & one rifle equipped at once. A magic game is far different than a shooter so it is junky, but I'm actually enjoying it a tad. I definitely like how every item & enemy has lore & I'm a big fan of Amy Hennig. So I'll buy it. Just hope it ain't a waste

  9. Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever had a demo turn me off from a game that I was anticipating as much as this one did

  10. Finished the demo in hard. Beat the main boss and 2 mini bosses (mutant deer and Ruin monster). Collected all chests and mana. Captured the familiar……No.Game doesn't get better

  11. I found using that pop up window in mid battle didnt stop the flow for me. It was easy to access and select a different one then use it and re-select another. There is a learning curve, but the button layout worked for me. I know that won't work for everyone, but I thought the flow of combat was amazing. My character never stopped moving in my battles as well, unless hit. Still learning the evade timing.

  12. My girlfriend loved it but I noticed she didn’t seem use all the variety they offered her when she was playing… I thought it was okay, I definitely do not like how clunky it feels to switch between spells. I’ll prob grab it on sale and run through it when I am waiting for something else I’m anticipating

  13. I find it Odd that NO ONE has compared this Game (Combat) to FFXV.
    It's damn near the same, albeit with a better On Foot Traversal Mechanic.
    I enjoy the Combat in Both.
    (In case that wasn't Apparent)

  14. The story looks bad, the character seems basic, onoriginal, and brat like, the combat may be decent late game, and the movement seems inconsistent. The only thing I think that this game had is cool and colorful spells. I thought about a pre-order but now I'm going to wait a few months after people play it, review it, and beat it.

  15. It's just a demo tho. Tons of things change from the demo version. But it's a good thing you put out this video so they can see it and make improvements.

  16. The colours are dull and the oversaturation of light looks terrible. Also the animation for the spell firing from the right hand looks stupid and boring.

  17. You could actually set your support spell to rotate automatically and use the grapple move to switch to fire spell and earth explosion to switch to earth magic smoothly without using the d pad or bot bumper + analogue. It's 2 small thing that help smooth the gameplay a lot.

  18. You can just press left or right to switch between stances. Otherwise it's literally the exact same as GoT stance switching.
    You're complaining you have to cast individual spells? That's literally the game. If it was automatic you'd call it boring or bland.
    If you dodge over people you can get vertical attacks with the fire spear and stuff. People are hating this game without even considering how to play it and then call elden roll a master piece. Blows me away. This game looks and feels great

  19. I think that they have something good here. I think they just need to tweak the combat flow like you mention. Other then that. I really appreciate the demo as other games don’t do this. Hope square Enix takes this feedback and improve on it before the game launches

  20. Everything he posted I fully agree with. I just played the demo. It could be alot of fun if they hadn't shackled your arms to the ground figureatively. It really slows the progression and becomes rather boring. But this was not the biggest issue I ran into. Nor what pissed me off with how they did the demo.

    Was it the 4th wall breaking? No that didnt bother me.

    Was it the alkimg rings and attempt at witty banter? No that was ok. Nothing worth writing home about.

    Was it how cocky and lack of fear thus shows no room for growth in the char who suddenly knows all. Not sure she could be cocky till she gets the shit beat out of her and shown humility and thus real growth can start. So thats a possability. Other wise she'll be anoither diverse may sue.

    No none of that pisses me off.

    It's the fact when you start up the demo they lore dump you with the story so far. They ruined any enjoument of learning the story and gave you a tone of gear to play with. Rpgs are about the story. About exploration and discovery. The demo effectivly gave a middle finger to all that.

  21. That was so awesome I totally agree with everything you said about the flow and how they should put the layout hopefully the people will hear this we can all hope and they'll change it because I've been excited for this game for a very very long time and to hear that there's just zero flow with combat I'm very disappointed

  22. At this stage of development, vertically isn't happening.
    But I think it's not too late for some redesign of spell swapping to allow for better combat flow and design. With holidays and higher priority work for day 1, I doubt it will be there; but if they see this feedback a lot around launch it is a possible change.

    Game looks promising but for sure waiting on reviews before picking it up.

  23. I had the same reaction but then I realized wait, maybe this isn't supposed to be a copy of devil may cry.

    Feels more like Kingdom Hearts with more movesets.

  24. Once I remapped a few buttons on my scuf controller so I could use them on the back paddles instead of the clunky regular controls then the flow opened up a ton. Still wasn’t nearly as smooth as I’d have liked but this is just a demo of an unfinished game so hopefully the designers will smooth out sone of these rough edges before launch. I definitely will be holding off on this one as there are other games higher on my must play list after playing the demo. That said I’ll definitely end up playing it at some point.

  25. No flow at all. So tired of using the fire spear for almost every combat scenario. Very boring and repetitive. Game will flop if they don't fix it.

  26. Wow you're so much quicker at selecting spells and still it feels interrupted. They definitely need to try optimise the changing of spells.

    Still I think this game looks very promising and everyone seems super critical. Even with the slow spell changes there's something to enjoy. I can't help but feel another channel here going the way of criticism in the industry. Negative negative negative.

    Even if I'm being foolhearty, I'd rather blindly enjoy something. I need to break my tether to the Internet.

  27. I was extremely disappointed and the demo killed ANY hype (what little I had) for the game. Japanese studios just don't understand fast paced western-style video games 😂💀

  28. I hope the finished game actually has buildings for the parkour ability cos running across open fields gets old really fast

  29. In case no one figured it out yet…you can press "left or right" on the directional pad to switch between skill sets. you DON'T have to use R1 or L1 lol. I enjoyed the demo. I think that it's more-so an acquired taste for some.

  30. It isn't for me. I didn't really expect it too either. I'm also too spoiled and really struggle to feel wowed by graphics etc now. I'm tired of fields of grass and rocks.

    Give me a Returnal though and then I'm in. I'm also really liking Calisto Protocol despite the meh reviews it got. Atmosphere in games is clearly a big deal to me and this demo felt flat to me.

  31. I'm not sure but I heard that it's possible to switch some settings that make the controls a lot smoother, the tutorial was just awful and didn't show it

  32. I wont even consider this game unless you can turn off the constant stream of inane drivel that follows each action and even then I will wait until there's a 50% reduction.

  33. Played the demo. It took me 6 mins to put the game down and come online to see if everyone else agreed this sucks

  34. The flow is there, it's just not the same as devil may cry and other games like it. It felt off at first when I was playing it but after you understand what skills are set to what button/direction combination it's pretty smooth. Going form frey tree the do the AOE snare into the fire tree spear to nuke them with the air attack for it was some of the most badass combos I've experienced.

    Summoning all you fire minions and fire swords then swapping back the the frey tree to burn down enemies with the rapid fire shots and snaring them for you fire minions to beat on them. The magics synergies unbelievably well.

    P.s. the flow feels a lot better on full pause when swapping skills. Think of it like if devil may cry and dragon age had a baby.

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