FNAF SECURITY BREACH SONG ANIMATION "Drop" (Sundrop / Moondrop) | Rockit Gaming & CG5

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FNAF SECURITY BREACH SONG ANIMATION “Drop” (Sundrop / Moondrop) | Rockit Gaming & CG5. Huge shoutout to @CG5 for teaming up with us on this epic FNAF Security Breach Daycare Attendant song! We hope we brought Sundrop & Moondrop to life in this animated music video!

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Animated by Thorne Ndlovu

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Lyrics: Rockit, Vinny
Performed by: Rockit, @CG5
Mixed/Mastered: Rockit
Animation by: Thorne Ndlovu
Album Art: Michael Rushing



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  1. The song is good however I do have a bit of complaints
    1. The models and lighting look unfinished and moon’s expression look too over the top
    2. Gregory has no expression whatsoever looking more like you just put a face plate on and called it a day
    Besides that ist amazing what you did with the music and pacing and including CG5 was a good choice in music production

  2. Best. Song. Ever. The animation is so good! I really like that kind of animation. SunDrop and MoonDrop are my favorite fnaf characters ever. I’m so glad that you made a song out of them. I put this on repeat and did my school work and listened to this for four hours straight. Learned the lyrics from that. Overall, absolutely the best. Thanks for making it!

  3. I absolutely adore how well executed this song is! I can definitely see this song being part of my nostalgia playlist in a few years from now.

  4. I like how you chartized as Sun being really hyper. Just over exagrated his already hyper personality and over exagrated moon's personality moon too I like it

  5. I absolutely love u for this I have a obsession for sun and moon and I needed something like this in my life 😍 I’ve looked everywhere for a sun and moondrop song too 😭

  6. 1:36 why say your hacked???? But he’s supposed to have no control so she’s saying something she controls- oh now she decided to describe herself, smmmaaart

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