First Official Gameplay – Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

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Pre-order the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, or as part of the Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition, and receive the ‘Zombie Crypt’ outfit for Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered:

Return to Arcadia Bay and experience two award-winning Life is Strange games like never before! Remastered visuals and animation breathe new life into the great cast of characters and gripping stories.

The Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes ‘Life is Strange Remastered’ and ‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered’.

– Remastered visuals across characters and environments
– Vastly improved character animation using full facial mocap performance
– Updated and refined gameplay puzzles
– Engine and lighting upgrades
– Choice and consequence driven stories with multiple endings
– Harness the power of Max’s rewind ability or Chloe’s quick-witted attitude to change the course of events
– Distinct licenced soundtrack & original scores


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  1. I just finished playing the game less than an hour ago and I can’t wait to see the nightmare sequence remastered, I bought the game like a year after it came out and then never finished it until now. It’s amazing and once he other games go on sale in the ps4 store thing I will definitely buy them

  2. There is an artistic, intentional feel to the classic that I feel is lost here.

    For the twenty times I’ve played this game, I CAN see the differences, but they are completely unnecessary. The camera breaking? Cool. The hair is less pointy? Cool. The mouths aligning better with the dialogue? Sort of. I understand that’s not all that was changed, but those are the things that stood out to me as the best “improvements.” That being said, not worth paying for.

    If they were to make it look like, hyper realistic eg. Last of Us / Red Dead II (I can understand remastering the original Red Dead), it would’ve been interesting to see. If that was the intent of the game & the remaster, I would understand. Still, this game wasn’t intended look hyper realistic. So, why did it need a remaster at all?

  3. This'll be a pass for me. I've played the game three times over the years with my last playthrough being in November 2021. The 'improvements' here aren't noticeable, so I don't think the £30 price tag is justfiied when I bought two copies of this for £5 (PC and PS4). The only things I really notice are Chloe and Max's designs and lip sync.

  4. £30…..for this?! How?! The upgraded PS5 version of two Uncharted games is only £10, and those games are much bigger and visually better. How this isn't even a free upgrade for owners of the other….this is woeful

  5. It would be awesome if they remastered the entire last chapter, especially the ending. Does this version look a little more blurred?

  6. It's not completely bad but I'm glad I didn't buy the ultimate edition. It's the same story, it doesn't look that much different and I'd rather play the old version again, it feels more nostalgic.

  7. It looks kind of good actually. I'm definitely going to play through it again and I'm going to pick Bae over Bay.

  8. I stg if y’all’s complaining makes them cancel it before I can see max telling Jefferson to eat shit and die HD I will actually lose it

  9. Y’all gotta complain about every little thing. At least they tried working on this game that everyone truly loved. I’m grateful to play it again! It wasn’t much more for the bigger bundle so it’s not like you wasted 60 dollars on this game. 😒

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