FIRST LOOK // Models and Miniatures on a Budget in Model Builder Gameplay

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Making Realistic 3D Models and Miniatures in Model Builder! A game where you put together models, paint them, put decals on them and much more! You can take realistic photographs and place these items on display or for CASH! Check it Out!

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  1. If you find this stuff neat I have downloaded a bunch of STL files (3d printer files) and have been using 3d Builder to build all kinds of neat stuff

  2. This is so cool I build airfix with My grandson love to watch more of this amazing stream thankyou can you paint the spitfire diesel

  3. Different, looks like fun but not for me. Back in the 60s and 70s when I put models together actually with glue. Gave you a satisfaction of achieving something that you've done with your hands. I feel that the game will be good for someone who's never put a model together. To me it just doesn't have the real feeling. Thanks for the video though I enjoyed it.

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