FIRE EMBLEM ENGAGE: The Divine Dragon Awakens Comprehensive Trailer Analysis, Review and Opinions.

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A new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage dropped earlier today, providing many new details on the game’s story and characters. In this video, I breakdown each scene and discuss things you may have missed! Let me know what you think down below, there’s A LOT to talk about.

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In a war against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms worked together with heroes from other worlds to seal away this great evil. One-thousand years later, this seal has weakened and the Fell Dragon is about to reawaken. As a Divine Dragon, use rich strategies and robust customization to meet your destiny—to collect Emblem Rings and bring peace back to the Continent of Elyos.

Team up with iconic heroes from past Fire Emblem games

Summon valiant heroes like Marth and Celica with the power of Emblem Rings and add their power to yours in this brand-new Fire Emblem story. Aside from merging appearances, Engaging lets you inherit weapons, skills, and more from these battle-tested legends. The turn-based, tactical battle system returns with a fresh cast of characters you can customize and Engage to carefully craft your strategy.

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  1. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS CIVIL LMAO. I genuinely feel there is a LOT of discussion to be had with the story direction going on here. If you found this video helpful, please leave a like and comment, and please subscribe if you want to see more Fire Emblem Engage coverage!

  2. I totally get the argument that the Emblems should have summoned classic FE villains, *buuut*, honestly, I'm okay with Evil Marth. Personally, I never cared too much about him: he always seemed like an incredibly boring character relying heavily on Shadow Dragon's excellent writing to carry his relative lack of personality. Seeing him pause awkwardly when Alear asks what he was like and replying, "Well… you were kind" makes me think that perhaps he's not being totally honest. I'd be interested to see if that suspicion is proven true, and whether being (presumably) temporarily turned to evil forces him to undergo some kind of character development. Maybe it works like the Darkstone, in that it causes an Emblem hero's worst anxieties and fears to take over them? That could be kind of compelling, seeing Marth go through basically what Hardin did. I guess time will tell.

  3. FIRE EMBLEM V-TUBERS and yes the clown girl; princess Hotensia the little sister of the Lady riding the wyvern: Princess Ivy first pricness of eluscia

  4. All I can say is I’m genuinely sorry to those who aren’t excited for this game, as it is my next most anticipated game after Tears of the Kingdom

  5. The story being corny doesn't bother me because I personally play FE for the combat, which looks incredible in this game, but from what I've seen I suggest that fans don't get too excited about it. That being said I imagine the developers hope that nostalgia will play such a huge factor that we won't give a damn about the story lol. All in all the game sounds fun imo

  6. I'm also upset how much they give away in the trailer. With how good the 3 houses story is I'm hoping they have some twists hidden to keep plot fresh

  7. I wonder why the mother of Alear was shown but not his father, and when Alear gets engaged he is blue like his mother, but when its shown evil, is red (the other half of his hair color). Its common in plenty games of fire emblem for the father figure to be the evil one… Maybe Alear father had red hair and was evil too? Anyway Marth hesitates for a reason, the dragons use to get corrupted through ages, maybe Alear had a bad time with humanity relationship

  8. Ugh, yea, this does not look good for me, I will have to pass until I hear more about it. Perhaps its just me but this sort of 4th wall break of summoning characters from the series is just a no go when the story wants me to take it seriously and pretty much nothing else really speaks to me either, collecting rings is about as good as collecting elemental crystals and whatnot, the designs are not for me for the most part and everything else seems like its incredibly surface and only there to enable the "gacha" like getting of all the heroes. Big no no for me, im all for fanservice and celebrations and whatnot, but why does it have to be in form of a mainline game.
    And describing a main character as "kind" is just awful, even if there is a twist to it, I dont care, just hearing it was corny af. I hope im wrong, I hope this doesnt signal the quality of the writing or the general heading of the story, but I believe that this time its gameplay and fanservice before everything else.

  9. It looks like a lot of us are thinking the same thing, that evil Alear is from the past. Troups aside, I'm super excited for this one

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