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  1. I remember the original feeling smoother. At least the music is well done, and the pixel art wasn't ruined, unlike the other remakes.

  2. The fact that they made the opening in this style, but NOTHING ELSE except the opera scene, just makes this remaster more infuriating.
    We need a 2DHD REMAKE.

    FF6 is my favourite FF game, but I'm not buying this. It is lazy.

  3. Not as bad as I'd heard, the mountains look suitably dark and intimidating even if the snow is brighter. Still one of my favorite moments in my entire life.

  4. It's cool, but why do they walk so slow in this version? The movements of the armor and the scrolling is like a snail's pace compared to the original. It's a little off-putting for me. They seem to have respected the original music, though, which is great! I was afraid they would deviate too much like in some of the other PR titles.

  5. So most of the REVAMPING visuals like the 2D-HD went to this title alone and nothing else….this title better be worth the wait come February 23.

  6. Barely a difference…. I'm buying this.when is getting properly released on console on a sale ..that OST tho…. Thats.been the only redeemable part of these remasters , holy shit the soundtrack of FF4 and FF6 are SO good.. can't wait to see what Nobuo will do with the music of FF6

  7. I can’t wait to play this version of the 18 year old classic RPG! Too bad that the developers have to patch out the Ghost Train glitch. It would’ve been amazing to see Sabin Suplexing the train like the original.

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