Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is Heading to Nintendo Switch!

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The classic Final Fantasy games are back and looking better than ever on Nintendo Switch!

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  2. The source link "no longer exists". Please be right. I'm passing up 20% off by waiting for the Switch version.

  3. If this ends up to be true. Please for the love of Odin, change the god damn font. The thin font is just wrong.

  4. Confirms that Final Fantasy 1-6 will be coming to Switch,

    Goes on to say that it hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo, Square, or other reputable source.

  5. Source link didn’t work for me and I didn’t see a mention of this on his twitter. Great news if true, day 1 buy for me. Come on Square….we want to give you our money.

  6. Not so fun fact, Final Fantasy 1-6 have actually not been available on every system in existance, ever since Sony went into the ps4 generation the easiest way to get 1-6 were steam and mobile only and not in their original way whatsoever. (6 was a absolutely atrocious Mobile port that was awful)

    The Pixel remaster is actually the first english pixel version of Final Fantasy III ever.

    Switch PS4 and Xbox have not seen any of these games in any form. PS3 has access to 1 2 4 5 6 via PS1 classics along with Vita which also had a couple PSP versions that could be played on it.

    Vita/PSP/DS w Gba slot actually been the only console that could play all 6 final fantasies. Since Final Fantasy III has never had a non portable console release and was only available in 3d remake until now.

    The console releases of each of these 6 games have been sparse in the past decade with FF 1 and 6 being on SNES and NES Mini and a FF1 port that ended up being JP only on the DS. The New 3DS Snes E shop never had any Final fantasy nor does the switch online service. Squares been weirdly annoying with the releases of these and outside of phone and steam versions or having a Vita (which noone does anymore) these games have not been seen.

    7, 8, 9, 10/10-2 and 12 have been on every platform known to man though. 13 also has been pretty much stranded on PS3/360.(though Xbox backwards compatable can play all 3 on your current day xbox)

    Anyway hoping this is true because it would mean a lot to have any legal way to play these games on our current consoles.

  7. It’s on iOS an android 🤔so why would I want to play the game on a far weaker hardware when I can just play it on my phone in real full hd or I can just play it in 720p on my switch 😑

  8. I been waiting for these on the switch, I'll probably flip my steam deck when it arrives then because that's what i bought it for

  9. Hmmmm… it's almost as if SquareEnix did this so people would buy it all on PC and then want a portable version of it that does not use junk mobile controls so they would double dip on 28+ year old games (at least double dip on this version let alone all the other versions we may have bought over the years). Sigh…

    That being said, I am enjoying FFV on my PC. I hope they fix the font for the Switch version. It's all I ask.

  10. I hope for a physical version that I can import. I say that because I know that America isn't getting a physical release.

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