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  1. There's a part in the SNES game when you first meet Celes where she is chained up. They censored that later in the GBA and PSX versions and just had her sitting on the floor. Hopefully they will have her chained up again in the Pixel Remaster.

  2. I still want a PS4/PS5/Switch version HOWEVER the Vanish/Doom Glitch may possibly NOT be in this version and if it isn't killing Intangirs to learn ever current spell on ALL but Shadow before the Floating Continent won't be worth it since if Vanish/Doom won't kill those instantly on this version the Rhodox Rage Snare for Gau won't work either.

  3. Couldn't agree more about the old school turn based rpgs being on the way out…as unfortunate 😕 as that is. I played ff7 remake while it looked cool and all it wasn't the same, I mean I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. The nes versions were what I grew up on… as well as the dragon warriors. I am looking forward to that dragon quest 3 2D HD remake though, that one looks great!!

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