Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster RELEASE DATE! #shorts

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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is the one game in the FF Pixel Remaster series that I have really been looking forward to. Now at last, we know when it will be released! Only a couple of weeks and the wait is over! Will you be playing FF6 Pixel Remaster? Let me know!

I will be covering the game with live streams and guides once it is with us so please stay tuned!



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I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, here is a collection of the guides I have made, I hope they can help you on your next adventure!

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All Final Fantasy copyright belongs to Square Enix.

Enjoy the video!


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  1. Hey folks! Haha since releasing the video, the date has been updated again to Feb 23rd – also showing on Steam now too! A day earlier so can't complain 🙂

  2. I thought the mobile version was fine. Everyone hated the art style but it was nice and clean. I would have preferred this version with clean graphics instead of pixels.

  3. thanks for the update though now I'm not sure if I want to get them all at the end of the month or wait to see if they have them at a % off during the golden week sale

  4. I would love to play this on my phone with my Backbone controller, but sadly there is no controller support. I will have to wait for a console release (fingers crossed). Imagine the trophy lists on these games!

  5. With the first Nintendo Direct of the year coming today I’m hoping they announce a switch release date as well. Love the content btw. Right up there with primal liquid and 4-8.

  6. Only a couple of weeks and the wait is over! Will you be playing FF6 Pixel Remaster? Let me know & please sub for future Final Fantasy 6 content! Thanks for watching 🙂

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