Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster enhancing cutscenes? RELEASE IMMINENT!

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Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is due out any day now (official release date is February 2022) and despite this, the game still cannot be pre-puchased? Come on Square! Anyway… very little information has been shown off for the FF6 Pixel Remaster thus far by Square, but a few screenshots found in a Japanese publication do reveal some interesting things.

Are you excited for the upcoming remaster of Final Fantasy VI? Let us know in the comments!


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Enjoy the video!


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  1. Hey folks, are you going to be playing the soon to be released Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster? I am actually really looking forward to it and it will be a great excuse to finally cover my favourite pre-Playstation era FF game on the channel! Thanks for watching and please remember to sub for future FF content! – Simon.

  2. I just wish it was done in the same vein as the upcoming Live A Live remake/remaster, using the octopath traveler style and voice acting.
    The ui style… the font… the character sprites here don't click well with me.
    It is better than the old mobile ports due to the resolution and style but not by much. Too much space wasted in the battle screen.
    The lack of extra content is a nail in the coffin for me.

  3. If Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster comes to the Switch then I will buy it. Anyone know if this will have the bonus content included?

  4. After what fans have made in the "A World Reborn" mod for the old Steam version, they´d better have a few more tricks up their sleeves for this one than what they did for the other installments.

    This has been my favorite game in my childhood (it shares the spot with Mass Effect 2 and basically the entire Metroid series now), so I can´t wait for this.

  5. It was supposed to come out at the end of 2021 but then Square did a last minute announcement saying it'd come out in February, it's the 7th today and there's no update yet.
    They released the last 2 on a Wednesday with 2 weeks notice,so if it's actually coming out in February they should annouce it on the 9th.
    If we don't hear anything by the 9th it might mean they're gonna delay it even more.
    It's a very disrespectful behaviour towards their fans.
    They just keep us waiting with no updates.

  6. Where is the solid release date???? I would have went nuts as a kid if mortal Kombat was just released on Mortal February

  7. I for one am satisfied with these pixel remaster of the 2D games. I feel that a complete 3D remaster would rob them of their charm. These were made in a by gone era.

  8. Since they're (seemingly) giving FFVI an Octopath Traveler-esque update, I wouldn't be surprised if the opera scene also includes prerecorded voices, like in actual opera singing.

  9. I'm seriously hoping after they release 6 they go back and add the content to the other FF games that was added in other versions of the games but not the remaster

  10. I will get it, but am waiting for the eventual console release. It'll happen. It took a year for the PC remasters of 7, 8 and 9 to come out on console. It'll happen.

  11. FF 3 I mean 6 was the second FF that I had beat, and the one with the best over all story so far so this second remaster is nice if they do it right. I have the Playstation remaster with the "new" opening and closing FMV's and I really hope they not only kept that but that was what probably also took all this time to remaster (if they kept it that is). One thing I really liked that they added to the original remake was a stat page and bestery which I also hope they kept for this.

  12. its the only game in the PR set has almost all of the assets added in GBA version… the ONLY ONE. like Diablos' sprite has been sitting around in the game files since FF1 PRs release.

  13. Wonder if these will ever be released on console? Maybe this year? I'd love to have the collection available all on one console system.

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