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  1. It's noy the same without the credits
    At least for me, those credits made the intro more epic, like a movie or something

  2. Original had better music and the overworld map had more detail

    That being said, both themes together sounded good to me

  3. Still the best remaster. Will square Enix add the extra contents from GBA releases? It's a shame there is no Enuo on FF V Pixel Remaster.

  4. The new one is really lacking. The ground scrolling and mech animations are more sluggish, the fore and background are flat lit rather than gradiated, and the atmosphere is mostly missing. And as many have mentioned, dropping the credits makes it feel mostly pointless. I'm sure the rest of the game is fine, but this intro moment has the job of setting the tone for the rest of the experience. And hardware developed before I was born managed to create the more cinematically impressive experience.

  5. I'm sorry but the original is leaps and bounds better. The animation may not be as crisp. But I like the pacing of the on screen scrolling better in the og version and the close up of the mechs in the remaster make that version seem so bland compared to the zoomed out angle of the og.

  6. Final fantasy 6 is one of my all-time favorite games this is a type of game that I can never get tired of and I'm that type of player that I like to grind… When I get the first four other espers I made sure that everybody has the same magic.. and then later on the game when we get a lot more answers right before the flying continent I grind so everybody has the same powers and magic… It takes hours.. but I love it… Final fantasy VI and criminal trigger are probably in my opinion to best games for the super Nintendo… I grew up in the 90s and I always say that it will be the last great decade and one of the reasons why the 90s was great part of that was because of video games.. super Nintendo came out in the '90s and that is probably the best console ever with number of games which are really good in the library

  7. My biggest issue with the "Remaster" is that it's pretty apparent by the lack of polish and attention-to-detail that it isn't the labor of love the original was. There are so, so many subtle differences that are just missing from this version. The sprites aren't Steam-FF6 bad, but they're not right for the game's tone. The steps in the cinematic crawl not matching the music (besides the lack of credits, but I understand why they didn't do it), the 2-frame running animation vs. the previous 3-frames, the odd choice of only doing the Opera Scene in 2D-HD (and giving Celes a lackluster singing bit), the list really goes on and on. I mean, hell, they showcased the Phantom Train suplex not 2 weeks ago and didn't even notice the Train was still right-side-up during the Suplex.

    These little details won't matter to everyone and that's perfectly fine. I hope you enjoy the game and it encourages you to seek out the original SNES version, but for me, these little, consistent details sprinkled throughout the experience are the difference between a game you played 20+ years and a game you remember your entire life. This team's commitment to making it one of the greatest games of all time doesn't mirror a fraction of the heart and soul the original team at SquareSoft put into it and it's painfully obvious to anyone who's played it.

    Again, I know some people are already rolling their eyes, but I'm not trying to say I hope you don't enjoy it–I'm simply saying there's a massive quality difference and if you love this playthrough, you owe it to yourself to check out the SNES version to double-down on your enjoyment.

    EDIT: Yes, yes, I know someone will try to point out that Celes isn't a real opera singer, but that argument doesn't hold any weight when non-English voice acting clearly cast legitimate opera singers to fill the role. Listen to the Italian, French or German versions and tell me differently. If everyone's not in sync with the same motif, then the idea wasn't unanimous and is therefore an argument in bad faith.

  8. Not having the credits is really weird. I don’t get it. Anyone playing the game for the first time on the pixel remaster version who doesn’t know there are supposed to be credits there will be utterly confused. Like why is there a 2 minute segment of them just slowly walking in the snow?

  9. I would love to play this again remastered. I remember I couldn’t pass the tower. I was so mad later on when I found out how to beat it (I won’t spoil it, even though the majority have beaten already). Probably 4th best FF next to FFVII (1), FFT (2), and FFX (3). Who else spammed LRL for Sabin’s Pummel attack?

  10. I like the visuals of the remastered one but the omission of credits looks silly. They should add them back in. Then the new one would be fine.

  11. Without the credits the scene seems kind of pointless. And why does it seem like they' Walking 10 times slower in the remake

  12. I will honestly take the original after seeing this comparison. I could say that the remaster is "Different", but an "improvement"?
    Hell no!

  13. Hello? I like to file a missing credits report. For the opening credits scene in the FF6 Pixel Remaster. Yeah, that's right. The opening credits scene is missing the opening credits.

  14. This scene is useless without the credits. It is literally an opening credits scene. Without credits, they're marching through a snowfield for two minutes and the player wonders what they're supposed to be waiting for. That Square Enix doesn't understand that is outrageous.

  15. I understand that Square is so inept as a game company that they need to dip into their archive for some quality to actually enjoy, but there is no need to remaster this game. It's fine the way it is.

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