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Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is coming out in a couple of weeks and Square have just released a collection of new screenshots! Let’s take a peek! Today, I will show some comparison shots with the original Final Fantasy VI. Gotta say, this new version is very bright.

I will be covering FF6 PR with live streams and guides once it is with us so please stay tuned!



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I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, here is a collection of the guides I have made, I hope they can help you on your next adventure!

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All Final Fantasy copyright belongs to Square Enix.

Enjoy the video!


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  1. Gotta say, when comparing to the original FFVI, the Pixel Remaster is certainly a lot brighter LOL! Anyway, not long to wait now as the game is releasing February 23rd! I will be playing live on the channel. Thanks for watching today.

  2. None of this looks like an improvement overall…. You could point to individual elements that may be marginally improved, but in those cases they don't blend well with other elements that were not. I have to assume the overworld screenshot just has lighting issues from however the picture was taken because that actually looks overtly terrible. IMO play the snes version with hq filter scaling, It looks quite nice and uniform.

  3. The pixel remasters look like they were done by some software and not had people involved at all. Feel like a tiny bit of effort would hav made them alot better

  4. They did the opera in HD 2D. Why they did not do the rest in that style? They are doing it for Dragon Quest 3 and Live A Live of all things

  5. This video just confirmed that I will not be buying this, it's not a remaster, it's a rerelease of the mobile version clearly. it just looks horrible compared to the original, why can't they just remain faithful for god sake.

  6. I wouldn't mind they threw in a Chrono trigger pixel remaster tbh
    Or just give the entire snes era RPGs the octopath traveler treatment ( remake in the OT engine)

  7. its probably also due to colour limitations on the SNES vs HD screens nowadays, or even UHD+ stuff. It'd be cool to have a filter for the SNES but alas :(I

  8. I will never understand the level of universal hate of the font. I struggle to think of something I care less about.

  9. It seems they want a consistent look throughout but the original FFVI had a different color palette that they should have kept.

  10. Yuck, stick to the SNES version….. tone it DOWN. BTW, how many times is Square gonna release this game? Just get your emulator, SNES, or your SNES mini out.

  11. I do like that its brighter, but I do think its a little too bright, ya know?

    Would also like to hold out hope that all the additional content could be added to the games later at some point.

  12. That text comparison you're not using the original game, you're using the GBA font, I know because the original had all the characters names on CAPS, it was not until the GBA remake that they used underscore letters for the names

  13. I absolutely feel that all of these games should have received the Octopath style 2.5D treatment. I'm still so disappointed in what these pixel remasters have turned out to be.

    The new scored are certainly nice, and the quality of life improvements are appreciated, but many of these games actually look worse than the originals and/or previous remasters. Such a missed opportunity…

  14. Too damn bright it completely negates the mystique and dark look of the original I'm not liking it,I'm at least expecting the music to be top notch I think I'll wait for the inevitable patch to change this as a color option before I purchase this one

  15. Seems like they are basing the color palette on the GBA version, which had brighter, more saturated colors to compensate for the GBAs terrible unlit screen. Unofficial patches were released to restore the original palette on GBA. Hopefully there will be options or mods available to do the same.

  16. I would have preferred keeping the original coloration of the world map, but I don't hate this change – especially if the coloration of the map during second half of the game is more consistent with the original game. It would be a cool way to emphasize and mirror the tonal shift between the game's distinct halves.

  17. I think the vibrancy can work as a good contrast, depending on how the map looks later in the game. And yeah, that typology is horrendous, especially because of the different sizes on one page.

  18. As someone who can EASILY see a proper remake in the 7R fashion with even new alternate routes to save a certain character or do certain things, I can say with confidence that a full HD-2D remake would be what I want. This certainly is a step in a very bright direction though.

  19. I'm fine with the 2.5D only for the opera scene. If you're gonna highlight any one scene in a remaster, it would be that (imo)

  20. Other than a cash grab, I don't understand the reasoning for making a pixel-art remake of a game that was and still is an absolute gold standard for quality pixel art. A 3d remake? Sure. But the original pixel art captured the mood, themes and ambience of the story perfectly. I also dislike the resolution difference between Text/Menu screens and the in-game pixel world itself, I've seen it in many games and it looks ugly in every one.

  21. I hate the brightness, i feel like 6 was a big turning point in FF's story telling and is very grim overall which the SNES colors reflected very well, especially in the world of ruin

  22. Didn't like the "vibrant colors" of the world map. Too bright, not agreeable to keep looking at while navigating. The fighting background looks really nice though. Can't wait to hear the new Soundtrack!

  23. I gotta be honest, and being that FFVI (or FFIII as the original west SNES was numbered) is and always will be my favorite mainstream entry of the the entire franchise, the one only single thing that looks better on the pixel remaster is that map overlay. Everything else is crap compared to the original version IMO, they really ought to have just literally ported the SNES version and uprendered that to be crisper and closer to HD as possible, would have been way more faithful to the original. I was interested in the pixel remasters until I saw screenshots of the others before release and then I went "Nope! Hell no!" 🤣

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