Exclusive ELDEN RING Gameplay – Exploring Castle Mourne

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Elden Ring features numerous mini-dungeons like caves and catacombs to explore alongside giant sprawling dungeon crawls like Stormveil Castle. Castle Mourne, nestled in southern Limgrave on the Weeping Penninsula, is a place where horrors abound. Chimeric leonine creatures and other surprises await the player should they dare approach. While this locale would fall into the mini-dungeon classification, it’s substantially larger than any of the minor offerings that I experiences during my 10-hours of gameplay, with a dangerous approach and several checkpoints.

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  1. Straight copy-paste from Dark Souls, lol.
    I thought they would atleast do new animations and all this stuff, but I thought I was wrong..

  2. the armor all looks comical. the weapons looks terrible. the running animation alone is enough to pass on this game.

  3. 1:10 This clip gave me such satisfaction. Usually in Souls you'd have to awkwardly run around a limb to get to a weak point, now that's ENTIRELY gone. Thank you Miyazaki.

  4. Dude when the heck are games going to start looking great? Are we at the limit of what humans can do? Why aren’t more games using the face tech from LA Noire? That tech would be bonkers now and maybe help with uncanny valley. I dunno I just am dissatisfied with this generation of consoles so far.

  5. wow early gameplay of a next gen game from a big channel in 2022 and its in 1080p? give us 2k and 4k man come on do your job!

  6. The boss looks like an indie souls-like rip off game, I don't mean a top tier game like nioh or a solid game like the surge, I mean like, borderline robbish souls-like games on steam.
    Open world seems kind of empty and time wastey.

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