EVERYTHING in the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update!

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Minecraft 1.19 is OUT NOW! ✨ The Wild Update introduces the Deep Dark biome, Ancient Cities, The Warden, & more to Minecraft’s caves! Up on the surface we’re looking at a brand new swamp biome, mangrove trees and wood, and mud as well! In this video we take a look at everything new or changed in Minecraft 1.19 on Java and Bedrock edition!

-=| Minecraft 1.19 Features |=-
0:00 intro and overview
0:59 the allay
1:31 chestboat
1:55 mangrove trees + mangrove wood
3:13 mud
4:10 mangrove swamp biome
4:37 frogs, tadpoles, froglight
6:22 mud bricks and packed mud
6:58 new commands
7:54 deep dark biome
9:14 sculk blocks
11:14 ancient cities
12:54 the warden
13:43 ancient city loot
15:11 reinforced deepslate
15:25 goat horns
16:09 darkness effect
16:32 more 1.19 changes



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if you read this comment “watl watl”


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  1. Btw when I tried to hit a chicken it usually dies when u punch it 2 times but this time I punched the chicken in the update and it took me 5 or 4 punches pretty cool

  2. Bruh 😭 I used to have a survival world. I went looking for cacti to make carpet for my massive house. I pluck the wrong cactus I guess and the sand below me drops. I fall a huge drop with no way to mlg and die. I lost all my stuff and never found it. I had really good gear. If the respawn compass was in the game at the time I could have saved my stuff.

  3. I’m confused in the mangrove update map it had loads move mobs like a begal tiger and a monkey

  4. My only issue with frogs is they look like toads. They just seem a lil bulky for a frog but it’s just a nit pick that can be fixed by resource packa

  5. I feel like there were Homestuck fans in the team arguing over the frogs and the fireflies

  6. Me and my friend found an ancient city like 15 min in the game and we were looting it and my friend went to go grab a chest and there was a shirker next to it that he didn’t see so the warden spawned and scared the crap out of him I might post the clip but we were in a party so you can’t here us

  7. You forgot to mention the biggest update: you could be banned from playing single player.

  8. 11:54 well, before today, nope. lemme be your 1% then. cause I had no idea it existed… vanilla MC loot in them probably sucks anyways, as cool as they might seem more things for me to replace and "fix" if I ever make a newer version modpack or something . I was content to play mods when I was still playing… and then I got promptly stolen back by warframe and genshin eventually, but thats a whole other tangent. anyways.

  9. I remember when I heard about the bees and bugs update I thought bugs were getting added I was excited about butterflies but turns out it meant technical bugs being removed very miss leading name suck that we still don’t get fireflies

  10. Wow, I could put a Mangrove Log on a table and pretend it’s a large beef rib roast for aesthetic purposes. 😋

  11. Your voice sounds like DanTDM. All I can hear is hey everyone Dan here from the diamond minecart.

  12. As dumb as it’ll sound, I think my favorite addition is chest boats. Finally I can not risk losing everything while venturing across oceans.

  13. I'm on console, and it says I have the wild update. Why can I still find "wild update" under "experiments"? Was 1.19 NOT "The Wild" update?

  14. Minecraft has become really disappointing lately. Should have called this caves and cliffs part 3 as it took 3 years to release one update then break it into parts. Shows how slow they are getting then failing to add things they said they would. Then they effectively stoped minecraft addons for console which angered many of us console minecraft players.

  15. Can we go ahead and have Wattles declared as a national treasure already. My dude is always on point with all things Minecraft. Thank you Wattles for always being there for us.

  16. I don't play minecraft very often, but the village on this video doesn't have chests for me. I also have noticed that villages in other worlds I have created also don't have chests. I know this should be possible, but I don't think it should happen very often. Once I even tried every village I could find in a world

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