Even Mother 3's Producer Wants an English Release! + Nintendo Posts Earthbound Guide for FREE

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Earthbound Strategy Guide:


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  1. Nintendo finally added Earthbound & even Mother 1 (Earthbound: Beginnings) to Nintendo Online so the possibility of Mother 3 finally getting a US release looks more likely than ever before🤞🤞

  2. But it does have an english release? I evenvgot a gba cartridge? Was sold in my grocery stores for a few months

  3. I was turned off when I started playing Earthbound and every person in the game was white until I came upon the so-called gang who were brown characters with exaggerated lips that fight you..

  4. I don't know if it would help… but why not release it in english, uncensored, but with a small warning in the beginning of the game that it could feature some things that some might not like (as the humerous depiction of transexuals etc.). Sure, that would not stop people from complaining and calling it a "problematic" game… but at least Nintendo could say: It was a different time, it doesn't reflect our thinking today… and all that.

    I just REALLY want this game, damn it!

  5. The Earthbound Guide was already released online by Nintendo when the SNES mini came out in 2017. I used it when I first played Earthbound on the SNES mini.

  6. the most common speculation I see about why mother 3 isn't a thing is the potential controversey of some of the characters. I can't help but feel like that isn't the thing they're concerned about. they dropped botw and in the sequence to getting into gerudo, you buy the clothes from the person at the bazaar and there's a little 'gag' with the wind blowing the veil off to reveal the character is 'really' a man. I just don't think nintendo is shy about those kinds of things. there's a few ways this bit of content could be acknowledged in the game (if I read correctly, it's meant to be a representation of some friends of Itoi, so literally just a little explanation and like nobody will think ill of nintendo for it). I think mother 3 is closer to release than ever with how many other games nintendo has been putting on the switch that had only been released in japan.

  7. They could, and should, basically just use the blueprint of the fan translation.
    It has already cut down their work significantly!

  8. I remain pessimistic of the matter. To go through the trouble of translating a densely-packed,16-year-old GBA game all of a sudden is still very unlikely, no matter how persistently the fans will continue to demand it. There are reasons that the game never arrived in the West that many people still seem to be unaware of. But, crazier things have happened in life. You know, folks there is a little thing called emulation…and the fan translation which has been around since like, 2008. Just saying.

  9. I think Nintendo has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to release it in the West, and this is that opportunity. Hopefully they recognize it.

  10. Earthbound ending is more better than mother 3 because in mother 3 Lucas mother died and then in the end his brother Claus died and then awakened the dragon and destroyed the entire world which seems to be a sad and terrible ending, I prefer playing Earthbound and enjoy the peaceful and good ending seeing Ness with her mother alive

  11. "Mother 3 is coming to nintendo switch, availible outside of japan for the first time ever!"

    "Availible untill march 31, 2023"

  12. quick tip regarding the guide: there's a mistake in it. If you plan on getting all the best weapons, you need to fight certain enemies hoping they drop with a 1 in 128 chance of dropping. The guide says Ness's best weapon, the Gutsy Bat, is dropped by the krakens in Magicant's Sea of Eden area but it's actually dropped by the bionic kraken enemy in the game's final area..

    …also the guide has a screenshot from the Mother 2 build where Ness is naked in Magicant & I still can't believe it slipped through o_O

  13. I have played Mother 3 five times on a emulator but I want a official because it is the best and most impactful game I have played my entire life.

  14. Bets on what the English title would be?

    My guesses are on EarthBound Endings and EarthBound Destination.

  15. I think Nintendo I'd trying to release this behind the scenes but don't want to be caught in a bunch of controversy. Im sure tge creators are in discuasion with Nintendo for them to publicly come out like this. I think they should release it straight up and stick a warning label if they have to (give it a Teen rating as well). I personally have no issues with the original release, but everyone is offended about the slightest things now.

  16. I've never played it but I will if it ever comes. It looks so cool and dark and disturbing in parts. Definitely a game like no other. 🙂

  17. Huh, interesting… well, even if MOTHER 3 does get an official English localization, I don't think it'd be as good as the one the fans made. Heck, it's even gotten to the point where I consider the fan translation to be the officially localized game!

    Also, it's actually pretty cool that Nintendo went out of their way to rerelease the original American MOTHER 2 strategy guide… albeit not in physical form. Still, it's great that people can now read it without having to spend a fortune on a copy of said guide on eBay!

  18. I still think they're remaking all three for Nintendo's next console. The game really shows its age in the battle system. I hope they make it more forgiving on death

  19. Can't they just edit out the parts that can't translate and just stick Mother 3 on the eShop for a limited time as a standard purchase like they did for the original Fire Emblem? At least most of the people that want to play it legally will be able to then.

  20. it's obvious that I want Mother 3 released in the west, so I'm gonna talk about something different: I wish that guide had an image of Jeff's Gaia Beam just like Poo's Sword of Kings

  21. The problem is that the game has some problematic stuff. If Nintendo would release the game you can be sure Kotaku,IGN and Reset Era will make a big deal out of it

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