Elden Ring: The Final Preview

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Elden Ring is only weeks away, and we spent several hours exploring to find out just what its open-world is all about ahead of its release.

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  1. Some things make me sad like the polished but reused animations (not a huge deal but kinda sad) the network vulnerability the 60 frames lock etc…I hope we get ray tracing and DLSS

  2. After looking at the system specs for pc and seeing that its well also be released on last gen consoles my only concern about this game is it is going to have some optimizing issues

  3. 1:40
    Graphics in shots like these look ABYSSMAL 🤨
    The color and lighting design is really bad. And the environments look insanely mediocre and stereotypical.
    They have no real effort behind the design.

  4. Ign reviews are a joke reviewing massive games before they're release and you know they won't put in 100+ hours plus, sellout crooks

  5. how many of IGNs "reviewers" will even get past enough bosses to review this game? Remember DOOM when they couldnt beat certain bosses?

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