ELDEN RING – Rise, Tarnished | Official Launch Trailer

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Though shattered, it shall guide thee. Though fractured, it yet calls. Enact thy will. Become Lord. Seek the Elden Ring.

#ELDENRING launches February 25, 2022.
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  1. German trailer and then an English game .. no German soundtrack! I'm so pissed! totally screwed! will not buy the game .. I was so happy but the feeling is just not the same in a foreign language! beautiful dirty Bandai and from software!

  2. Thank you From Software for NOTHING! Game ist unplayable on PS5!Where are the promised 60fps on Perfomance Mode? This is a fraud!

  3. Lord have mercy, I can’t afford a ps5 for demon souls, but this will quench my hunger, can’t wait to see ymfah break the game with bubbles

  4. Make of thyselves that which ye desire…
    I desire to run at stable 60 fps

    ….hmmm ye thinketh of another desire ok

  5. This Trailer…..
    The closer Elden Ring download is to being finished, the slower time passes. RIght now for me, 7 seconds are 51 common Earth years.

  6. Definitely waiting for some more people to complain about how the story has to be read and isn't necessarily told to you when this is literally a video game, not a book or a movie. You are not here for the story, you are here to play. You either seek the story yourself, because you can never have an actually interactive story in a game as it would allow you to change it, alter it and that's not something a game can do for now

  7. This year's game releases already out does all of last year with elden ring Warhammer and dying light also destiny 2 witch queen expansion and we have only just begun hopefully ww3 doesn't start so we can keep playing these awesome games

  8. I'm just not a Fan of From Software. Would have Much rather Had More Game of Thrones then Dark Souls(witch i didn't like). But Maybe this will be Different. Just have to wait an see. Definitely Not buying on release. All my games are Open world Story Driven Offline games. But again I'm not a Fan of From Software to trust Putting Money into..

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