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Watch our Elden Ring review. Elden Ring is a massive iteration on what FromSoftware began with the Souls series, bringing its relentlessly challenging combat to an incredible open world that gives us the freedom to choose our own path.

Elden Ring Reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PC. Also available on PlayStation and Xbox.

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  1. The way of completing side quests in From Soft games is different to any other game. They aren’t there for you to ‘successfully complete’ them. What you do will affect the NPCs is different ways, some might be positive, usually negative. The negative is just as important to convey the experience of the world as the positive is. And just like the real world you might continue on your own path and forget about a task you wanted to,do to help them

  2. If you're over 20 and playing games still you're a loser. Straight up. Get a life. Christ. You know it's true. That's why you're depressed.

  3. Anyone else feel like going mad playin this?
    Like seriously im guessin its easier for everyone else this is insane

  4. Great review. Very well done. As a relative newcomer to Fromsoft games having only played a few hours of Sekiro, this review gets me so hyped for Elden Ring.

  5. Honestly was a MAJOR dissapointment, very nice resources and all, but strongly boring, lacks of a spark, a main history more inmersive, IDK but after 30 minutes it made me fall asleep, the only "personality" mark that the main character has is the way he or she says "ouch" (no kidding, does not talk, cero background and theres no history is like a constant very slow dream).

  6. undayuk
    0 seconds ago
    Very bad review, ignoring the performance issues, this is a must not buy until performance is fixed. IGN should be warning consumers of bad performance. They have not learnt from their Cyberpunk mistakes. Game is ruined at the moment by bad performance issues.

  7. Wheres this effort and love for videogames coming from? Are companies starting to realize they need to put effort in and hire actual gamers now? No shade on my man in the vid he did a great job

  8. It's always interesting to see reviews but some people have to keep in mind that you should actually play the game and experience it for yourself before making any real decisions, or judgment. I've seen too many examples of people missing out on something just because they read a bad review…

  9. Owning this game is like a chest full of treasures. Truly an unforgettable experience in an RPG genre. A priceless treasure like Demon Souls, Dark Souls series and Bloodborne… Two thumbs up From Software. Another magnificent game.

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