Elden Ring New Locations, Classes and Bosses Revealed

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A slew of new details has been released about Elden Ring going over some interesting features such as starting out, locations, enemies, gameplay, easter eggs, and more from 10 hours of gameplay. Game Informer released a featured piece on the game in the latest digital issue, as well as some gameplay covering areas of the game up until the second zone. As well the Playstation Blog shared an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki about what he hopes for players to experience with Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Wiki:
Elden Ring Classes:
Elden Ring Map:

0:00 – Elden Ring New Info
0:23 – Elden Ring Giveaway
0:43 – Elden Ring Classes
1:43 – Elden Ring Starting Gifts
1:59 – Castle Mourne Info
2:53 – Liurna of the Lakes Info
3:29 – The New Firelink Shrine – Roundtable Hold
4:15 – Moonlight Greatsword
4:40 – Our opinion and takeaway
6:58 – Our thoughts on Preordering Elden Ring

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  1. Didnt let us down? You forget about DSRmake being a fucking cashgrab, and how absolutely technically borked DSPtD edition was?! Fuck fromsoft, just because they make a compentent game doesnt mean people should trust a company that is motivated by profits. And i really hate how all you fanboys just excuse fromsoft reusing a fuckton of assets into Elden Ring based upon your foaming at the mouth desire to play what is essentially DS3 Open World edition. The perpetual hype train you all feed into is a plague upon the industry and is disgusting.

    Heres hoping Elden Ring is technically unsatisfactory at release and runs like garbage so they are the next CD Projekt Red. Maybe u fan boys will fuckin learn then not to trust profit motivated companies.

  2. Pre-ordering isn't a bad practice being a fool and preordering games from companies that constantly let you know like EA is a bad practice but that's on the player.

  3. From Software is not x, so you can give the benefit of the doubt. Well CDPR delivered awesome games and hadn't let people down up to the point they did. Whilst I suppose it is 'safer' te pre order games from a dev that didn't let you down than from one that always does so I still don't believe that should be a good argument as to why people should pre-order.
    Pre order if you're planning to play day 1 with no review checking or anything whatsoever. Don't pre order if you are uncertain about the product or don't want to risk buying it without prior knowledge.

  4. I pre-ordered this game months ago. I don't paint all devs with the same brush. Plus this game has looked amazing since its announcement

  5. The "never EVER preorder" crowd is right, and you don't make a very strong argument against them. I agree, the game will probably be good. So what? What does the consumer get from preordering? A digital adventure guide, and a gesture? Oh look, it's #*$&@ nothing! Never EVER preorder. It's a horrible practice for the consumer.

  6. what an absolute garbage fire take on pre-orders. its not just about the company releasing the game. the INDUSTRY as a whole needs to know we wont buy games early, until we have a sense of the quality. DO NOT PRE ORDER, no matter how big a fanboy you are. sheesh.

  7. Oh so CDPR let us down before Cyberpunk 2077? You were always biased about this. And I will state for like the 100th time, people who had RTX3080/70 or RTX 3090 had a blast playing Cyberpunk 2077 from the first hour of launch. It is the rule of the world, you want the best of something, you have to pay for it. Stop complaining about CDPR, they gave Witcher 3 and no other game in the history of games shaped RPGs as much as that game did.

  8. Pretty lame hearing “ probably “ over and over again. Do your research first maybe. Our time is valuable too

  9. Just a few weeks before horizon and Elden ring hopefully prove polished games exist still. Cyberpunk gave me ptsd.

  10. Really hope the launch comes with an acceptable amount of bugs and server issues. Excited from all the footage and game play

  11. I dont recomend pre ordering but in all seriousnes even if only the network test area is actually good its already worth the money

  12. I preorder my copy of Elden Ring back in October I'm excited about this game! First play through I want to try two classes Vanguard & Worrior. Strength vanguard & Dex for Worrior

  13. I don't remember the last game I pre ordered but I did pre order this. I didn't get to play the network test but everything I have seen makes this the only game I care about playing this year. The amount of access they have allowed people to have to this game and the overwhelming amount of people with great impressions of the game gives me faith that it will be another excellent game. I can't wait to play it

  14. I’ve only pre-ordered 4 games: Soulsborne, Dragon’s Dogma, Nioh 2, and Endwalker.

    All have been 100% worth it.

    Looking forward to Elden Ring being another successful addition.

  15. Got sekiro just a few days ago, and holly shiz that shits hard, and I've played thru bloodborne, dark souls 3, ds1. But jesus the fucking horse guy(that I REFUSE to remember the name of, BECAUSE he shouts it everytime…) is hard as heck, hopefully I'll beat him before i break my controller

  16. I agree. I don't pre-purchase games. I don't typically buy games at launch, I wait until the inevitable massive patch drops. From Software has earned my pre-purchase with the quality of their past games. They can always disappoint me, but I don't think they will.

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