Elden Ring is a Game of the Year contender – It's amazing – New gameplay impressions

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Alex went hands-on with Elden ring for 6 hours with unrestricted access and found out all sorts of new details, locations, and interesting gameplay features. He is joined by Dorrani and Sherif today to discuss it all.

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  1. I'm gonna try my absolute hardest to discover everything I possibly can first playthru, I feel I'd be robbing myself if I don't.

  2. I wasn't gonna watch videos like this so close to release but, damn, listening to your guys talking about it has stoked up my hype even more!

  3. Funny how almost all of the vids currently released are showing the identical footage produced from Bandai, then just doing a narrative on it. What is also funny is how they all seem to make different excuses as to why they are using the Bandai footage as if it was just some personal cockup that prevented them from showing their own playthrough experience. What a joke.

  4. The underground area is where The Eternal City is and my guess is its all inside a massive hollowed out meteorite

  5. Tbh a lot the previous SoulsBorne games had branching paths, or multiple levels so that when you get stuck, you could just try progressing through some other area. Demon’s Souls had 5 different levels you could tackle in any order you liked. In Dark Souls 1 the game begins with around 10 bosses in different areas that you can beat in any order you like (only 2 or 3 of them are necessary to proceed to Anor Londo) and the end game requires you to beat 4 bosses around the world, also in any order you like. Dark Souls 2 has several branching paths. I think Sekiro branches into three different paths after you arrive at the central castle (also you don’t have to beat Genichiro right away, which I didn’t). Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 were more linear but also had several optional areas. I know that Elden Ring will have MUCH MORE optional stuff and sequence breaking compared to their previous games but it’s not like Elden Ring invented the formula where you find a boss, realize it’s too difficult, go explore and level up in some other area and then come back later.

  6. Be nice sence it got delayed if they would put out a 100 dollar version with a week early access, also almost doubling there profit.

  7. This is going to be the perfect game for me.. infinite replayability with the bros for years to come. Just the option of Quelaag or Gargoyles was incredible.. building on the interwinding world that's completely open from the get go? The options for every run will be endless.

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