Elden Ring – 9 More NEW Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase

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The anticipation surrounding Elden Ring has been sky-high for months at this point, and it continues to grow as its release approaches. To ramp it up even more, thanks to a recent round of previews and hands-on impressions by various publications and outlets, we’ve recently been treated with a bunch of new details on FromSoftware’s upcoming open world action RPG.

Here, we’re going to talk about a few such details that caught our eye.


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  1. whoever wrote this script really knows nothing about elden ring huh? margit aint the main boss of stormveil, godrick is


  3. I really hope the button layout isnt like blood borne. I could not adapt to that at all. I couldnt change the layout either which really made me hate that game.

  4. Will I b able to get that offline experience like Sekiro to really enjoy the story at MY PACE even if it take years?

  5. Most important thing is this game lifts the veil off so many overhyped shitty games.
    Basically 99% of games are looking really bad when From Software launches a game.

  6. Im really excited for this game but not a fan of only being invaded if im playing co op. I am someone who loves the challenge of a new opponent. I hope they atleast give solo players the option to torn it on.

  7. Is too late.. already ordered it. wild card side note: the ad before this video had zendaya in, which of course, angered me, greatly, because I was reminded she not only infact does exist but is paid lucrative amounts to do so, however! I then realised the fact she is already in random YouTube adds with no lines , that her career might actually be shrivelling in the cold light of day, like the empty lie it is , which I have taken as a good omen, in short.

  8. I can guarantee you that nothing you have to say will sway my decision one way or the other and the only thing I need to know before buying the game is that no one needs to listen to stupid videos like this.

  9. Am i stupid if i chose to play it on m&k and expect to reach top tier skill level? I've never played any souls like game.

  10. I'm not a big fan of "if you play Co-op other players can invade your game" omg I just want to play an RPG with my friends that I don't have to do F* PVP! Why can I just have a good time questing and getting gear in a game while enjoying playing with friends. Pvp sucks and they need to get rid of it. Not everyone likes pvp!

  11. Bloodborne did not have Hollow form at all and i feel like they made it easier for new people to enjoy which puts a sour taste in my mouth cause its like they are alienating the fans who love the brutal difficulty cause thats why we play these games among other reasons

  12. I’m so torn on this game. I don’t know if I wanna take the leap of faith and actually buy it day one or wait for a deep sale

  13. You only need to know one thing. Dump your girlfriend & friends and resign from your job. You'll spend 18.5 hours playing the game, 30 minutes to eat & toilet break and 4 hours of sleep for the next 4+ years.

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