Elden Ring – 15 Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy

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The agonizing wait for FromSoftware’s next big action RPG is nearly over as Elden Ring looks set to release on February 25th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC.

Let’s take a look at 15 things you need to know before diving in.


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  1. I never liked Souls games, just not into the extreme difficulty. But this looks really goo. This isn't gona be the same type of extremely difficult play here, is it?

  2. I wanna be convinced to buy this i never played a single dark soul game or bloodborne game would this be worth my time cause it looks amazing but i know i suck at dodging fast attacks

  3. So they're improving the way that weapon scaling works and also making the leveling system easier to use on the go instead of going to a specific place (DS3 has firelink, Bloodborne you go through the lantern, however that only really saves you from selecting the area and clicking on it) also I hope those flasks refill at graces like estus does at bonfires, the way Bloodborne did blood vials is kinda stupid having to buy them (you could at least give a few every lantern rest, I am early on in Bloodborne though and if there's a way to get them without purchasing them that'd be nice) and also additional verticality and open world is gonna make exploration much more fun, and also the small changes to combat as well (Bloodborne's transforming weapons was cool but I kinda hope that mostly stays a Bloodborne thing, maybe have a few transforming weapons but not a lot), this might be the best FromSoftware game yet, oh and the potential additional eastern influence might be cool as well (speaking of eastern, Pontiff Sulyvahn fights like an anime character and way annoying as hell but also fun and greatly satisfying to beat)

  4. Did a robot read the script? The were so many weird/wrong pronunciations throughout. "Eeden Ring" "Horizons Forbidden West" "Blueprint Games"

  5. its definitely going to be for windows 11 or with amd cpu ofcs. its going to be gpu heavy but not that power hungry cos you wont have time to look around when fighting the boss but other than that its still good

  6. All I need to know about this game is if I can play it with a friend COOP ONLINE through the whole Campaign like in borderlands. Idc at all about PvP unless its a FPS. But I can't find anywhere that says this game is FULL COOP ONLINE. I preordered nd if its not full coop then I'm going to cancel it… Welp this sounds like just another boring single player game. Why can't developers just make a damn coop game that has drop in and drop out coop like borderlands and destiny… Smh I only care about playing the campaign with a friend if I can't do that this game is pointless.

  7. I am soooooo hyped for this game…huge souls and bloodborne fan, so Elden Ring is gonna be epic 4me 🤗

  8. Are characters locked to one specific armor? Or can we customize and unlock new armors like in the dark souls series?

  9. Tarni-Shed, why does this man get to be paid to talk about Elden Ring! I should be paid to talk about oven ring. I can pronounce tarnished!

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